I’m not great at predicting weather but with the coming storm, I figured the old adage ‘red sky in morning, sailor take warning’ might work in reverse. Turned out to be a lackluster sunrise despite that old saying so I went with plan B…

My 2022 Marblehead Calendar proof arrived late last night and it looks great. I immediately approved the full print run and brought the calendar with me this morning just in case. In lieu of an epic sunrise, I placed the proof on one of Crocker’s rocks and made quick work of this product shot.

With the proof here, I should get the calendars within 2-3 weeks. I’ll be closing preorders on September 14th so make sure you take advantage of the PreOrder sale before prices move up to the new $22.95 level (sorry, printing costs and USPS shipping have both risen).

Link to calendar (or check my profile on IG): https://wednesdaysinmhd.com/shop/marblehead-calendar/