I went to sleep Sunday night hoping the snow wouldn’t build up much more and would continue to fall with first light so I would have a chance to capture some new scenes of downtown Marblehead. Sure enough, I awoke to find the snow falling and headed out the door. I came home with five favorites from the morning and now have at least one shot to represent January in next year’s calendar.

Normally when I come home from an outing like this, I’ll share an image daily and link that to Facebook/Instagram. After a few days, some will end up in the ‘to be posted’ archive and I’ll move on.

I decided to try something a bit different and posted all five ‘keepers’ from Monday morning to social media and will now share them daily on my website with this text copied/pasted in case someone gets to them later in the week or in the future.  I’ll see if this ends up as a better approach going forward.