Epiphany Bonfire in the Falling Snow

Tonight's epiphany bonfire in the falling snow couldn't have been more magical and I almost gave up on shooting it... I made it home from work a little after 5 and had enough time to change and drop off my son at basketball practice before heading to Riverhead beach and the annual (though belated) epiphany bonfire.  I arrived as the first flames rose from the pile of Christmas trees and turned into the Devereux parking lot only to find far more parked cars and far less room than I expected.  I turned into what appeared to be the last open [...]

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Top 10 of 2017 – #4 First Snow of the Season

Another December image and another aerial makes it to the top 5 of the year.  We had an absolutely perfect first snow of the season on December 9th and I went out on the 10th in the morning to capture the results.  That's when I shot the partially frozen image of Redd's that made it to #7 and this aerial image of Abbot Hall that ended up as my fourth favorite image of 2017. My original thoughts on this image: There’s something magical about the first snow of the season.  After shooting around town as the snow fell yesterday, I [...]

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First Light on State Street

On Sunday, I headed out after the first snowfall of the season and made my way from Little Harbor to Grace Oliver Beach and then Redd's Pond before heading to historic downtown Marblehead.  I shot a few frames of Old Town House and then walked down State Street to explore some new compositions. I ended up about halfway down the street eyeing this lonely lit street lamp the entire time.  I knew I wanted to make that a focal point of the image and then found the right position to include the gently curve in the street, the pure white [...]

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Perfect Morning at Redds Pond

As I went to bed on Saturday night, I looked out the window and noted the freshly fallen snow was sticking firmly to the tree branches with very little wind that might ruin the effect by morning.  With that in mind, I set an alarm hoping for a few snow-filled scenes to shoot on what promised to be a perfect morning. I was out of the house by 6:30am and headed straight to Little Harbor to see what the Peach's boat looked like with some snow atop the small Christmas tree. The view did not disappoint and I shot a [...]

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First Snow of the Season

There's something magical about the first snow of the season.  After shooting around town as the snow fell yesterday, I woke early to capture the picture perfect snow in the light of morning.  Given the relatively warm temperatures, the snow had stuck to all of the tree branches and I knew it would make for a pretty scene.  Also, as we did not have a ton of snow, there would be little of the brown sand littering the roads to ruin the contrast of white snow and black asphalt. I ended up following the same route as yesterday - shot [...]

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Christmas at Sea

What an absolutely picture-perfect first snow of the season!  Once the flakes started falling at 11am, I headed out of the house to capture some scenes around town with freshly falling snow.  My first stop was Little Harbor and a favorite tree floating in the waters just off shore. I parked in front of the Marblehead Lobster Company and headed down to the water's edge from where I played with compositions as this small boat with its beautifully decorated tree floated gently amid the fresh fallen snow.  As the boat turned towards me, the starfish above was displayed and a [...]

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Golden Light on Redd’s Pond

On February 18, conditions seemed perfect for a beautiful Winter sunset and I left the house just after 4:00 to explore the possibilities.  I started off at this familiar spot and made it here just in time as the sun's angle was spilling golden light on Redd's Pond.  I shot three frames with my camera before heading back to the car to grab the Phantom 4 Pro.  It wasn't long before I found the composition I wanted which showcased the close proximity of Redd's Pond to Old Burial Hill, Gerry Island, Fort Sewall and Marblehead Neck. One of my favorite aspects of [...]

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Breakfast after the Blizzard at the Driftwood

In February 2013, a blizzard passed through Marblehead and I ventured out to capture scenes of the historic downtown distract in its aftermath.  Whether it was great timing or dumb luck, I ended up in front of a familiar red restaurant as the good light passed - just in time to grab breakfast after the blizzard at the Driftwood.

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Playing with Shadows on Old Burial Hill

I'm curious what you think of today's image of shadows on Old Burial Hill after a recent snowstorm.  One of the aspects of shooting with my new Phantom 4 Pro is the ability to capture Marblehead from new angles and perspectives. I captured this image looking straight down on an early morning at the intersection of Old Burial Hill and Redd's Pond.  I tried the accentuate the long shadows cast by trees and gravestones at Old Burial Hill created by the angle of the sun and the fresh coat of snow. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Old Town House in the Snow

The past few days haven't lacked for snow but wether it was the poor light or timing of the fall (and pauses between), I hadn't been able to capture views of our town blanketed in white.  Thankfully, I've been out many times in the snow and often came back with views of the same landmark from different angles resulting in very different perspectives. Today's image of Old Town House in the snow comes from a picture perfect snow fall on the morning of January 24, 2015.  There had been a light but sticky snow overnight and the plows had made [...]

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