Snowfall on Redd’s Pond

I was away last week and so did not share any images as I might have lost a few of you with photos of sunrises, sunsets and rainbows on a warm island beach... And that is a perfect segue to today's image of Redd's captured during the snowfall on February 13th.  I shot four very different compositions from this one spot and liked this one the best. I love that the picnic table has a nearly identical red color as that of the house named Pond View across the way and that is the only color to be seen in [...]

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Coming Down Mugford

I made a point of seeking out the Bowen House in 2015 as there is a beautiful cherry blossom out front and later learned two interesting things about it. It is one of only fifteen homes in Marblehead that were built before 1700 and still stand today. Also, it has been tied to the H.P. Lovecraft story 'The Festival'. That spring morning was very far removed from the scene I saw as I was coming down Mugford Street this past weekend. Freshly fallen snow had made the roads and sidewalks a bit treacherous and I was taking turns staring at [...]

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A New Take on State Street

I promised more images from Sunday's beautiful snow; though it went on far too long to be considered picturesque after the fifth hour or so... Shortly after capturing the view of Old Town House, I walked down State Street and shot from each side of the street before stopping here at the site of the old King's Rook and getting this new composition. I wanted to include the sign of all the establishments that had set up at this location against the backdrop of Maddie's signage. Also that blue door worked well with the green, yellow and blues in the [...]

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Snowflakes on Washington Street

It's funny how things work... I had gone out to capture the sunset after yesterday's spring-like weather and was frustrated by the light and lack of 'new' compositions. I drove home wondering if, after capturing landscapes of Marblehead for nearly 12 years, I had run out of new angles. Then I woke up this morning to picture perfect snow falling and drove out with camera in tow and came back an hour later with over 200 shots taken in four different areas and was thrilled to have come home with some new compositions. This is the first I'll share from [...]

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Snow-Capped Sunset

Less than 30 minutes after capturing the view of a frozen Redd's Pond, I had made my way to Tuckers Wharf to shoot the sunset. I had a particular shot in mind - that of Marblehead Light decked out in rope lights for the holiday season. While waiting, a pink sunset formed over the harbor and I moved to position these snow-capped moorings in just the right part of the frame to break up the otherwise monotonous (in a great way) pink water. Marblehead Light can be seen with its green beacon shining bright and the first hint of light [...]

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The Winter that Wasn’t

I hoped to have new landscapes or seascapes to share by now but, while I've had weekly photography outings in the past month and a half, they have been solely to capture my son and his teammates on the Marblehead Magician's freshman football team. Those moments have been a lot of fun to capture but I've been looking for opportunities to shoot new scenes of this town as well. I'm hoping to capture some blossoms as early as this Wednesday so stay tuned... In the meantime, here is one of my few new images from the winter that wasn't normal [...]

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Snow Falling on State Street

On the same January morning in which I captured Mud Puddle, Arnould Gallery and Old Town House, I also decided to walk along Washington Street and stopped when I looked down State. The light dusting of snow (well before the more recent impressive snowfalls) had coated the roofs and sidewalks of these homes. That white coat only served to amplify the vibrant colors of the houses standing side by side along this historic street. I stepped into the street to get the angle just right and made sure to include the tree branches breaking up the otherwise monotone sky. A [...]

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Washington Street in the Snow

Overnight, a light snow fell over Marblehead and so, this morning, I headed down to Washington Street hoping to find a new composition to share in this new year. I drove by Abbot Hall and then turned to find the tree in front of Old Town House to be perfectly covered in white. I kept driving and parked in front of Haley's as soon as I spotted this view of Mud Puddle Toys, Arnould Gallery and Old Town House. I quickly crossed the street and lined up the colorful storefronts with the bright yellow backdrop of Old Town House. A [...]

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Shining Bright on the Neck

This was the scene that greeted me on Saturday night only 20 minutes after capturing Glover's Regiment firing volleys at the State Street landing. I had packed up after capturing the solemn rememberance there and drove up Front Street to Fort Beach where I hoped to capture Marblehead Light shining bright on the Neck with its holiday lights on display. I figured the freshly fallen snow would serve as a nice contrast to the dark rock face that makes up Chandler Hovey Park and was delighted to see several homes lit up to continue the bright effect across the Neck. [...]

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