One of the more incredible dawns I have experienced took shape over Marblehead on Thursday, January 19 and I finally was able to get the 150 captures down to 7 keepers to process and share. As I did before, I’m going to share them as a group on social media and daily on my website. now the real dilemma – is January best represented by snow or one of these captures with unbelievable light???

A bit of backstory, I received an email a few months ago inviting me to shoot from the highest spot at Peach’s Point. I was thrilled to have received such a kind invitation and proceeded to scout the area and explore angles while also waiting for any hint of decent light. As it turns out, I missed a pretty nice sunrise a few weeks ago and redoubled my efforts after that to monitor for good conditions. Thursday held a great deal of promise with cloud forecasts but also the tide (about 3/4 high and rising) as well as a crescent moon setting.

I woke at 5:30am and headed out of the house at 6. I had emailed ahead and learned the family was not home so I parked and quickly set up with both of my cameras on tripods. At the first hint of dawn’s light, I smiled having spotted the crescent moon earlier but now seeing the high clouds in a perfect location – just beneath the moon and high enough above the horizon to be lit up by the rising sun.

Over the next 45 minutes, I captured 150 images between the two cameras with rapidly changing light and several different compositions made possible by the location.  It took me a while to narrow the images down to these final 7 and make sure that I got the colors just right as the sky really was a sight to see. I saw another photographer’s image of the same dawn captured in Boston and she remarked on it being a ‘burner’ which I thought quite accurate but maybe more of a slow burn over Little Harbor with how the morning unfolded.

If you would like to see these full size, visit my website and click on Slideshows at the top then 2023. I will post all images captured in 2023 there until I put together the year-end slideshow. LINK