Brown’s island

Fall Color on Brown’s Island

After capturing yesterday's image of the last regatta of the year at Redd's Pond, I drove down Norman Street. I had spotted some nice fall color on Brown's island a few days prior and, with the recent storm, wondered if any foliage remained. Sure enough, some bright orange leaves could be seen adding a touch of color to the large island in Little Harbor. This is likely my last chance to shoot any foliage in town as the trees have not fared well this year with the severe fall storms.

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Last Days of Summer in Marblehead

As the nights turn cool, I wanted to take a look back at the last days of summer in Marblehead and found this shot captured from Brown's Island looking back toward town.  I had gone out to Brown's with my kids and met up with friends to enjoy a picture perfect Labor Day. At one point, we made our way to the tree swing and I took a few shots of my daughter swinging before turning towards this view. The juxtaposition of Abbot Hall and Old North Church makes for a great scene and the addition of boats moored in [...]

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At Brown’s Island – July 4, 2018 – 2:40pm

On Wednesday, July 4th, I decided the conditions were perfect to try a new series of aerial photographs of Marblehead beaches filled with sunbathers trying to escape the hot and humid weather. The July 4th weekend with its perfect combination of hot weather, clear skies, calm water and well timed high tide created the perfect opportunity. In this image of the beach at Brown's Island (apparently unnamed), I positioned the drone over the water of Little Harbor and sought to include the numerous boats anchored and/or tied up together in the calm waters. I had never seen this area so full [...]

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Lake Havasu, Marblehead

This weekend was a scorcher and just about the only place to get any relief from the heat was on the water. With that in mind, I decided to fly my drone over a few spots in town including Brown's Island. In year's past, I had noted how the harbor would fill with boats at high tide (many tied together) and quickly came to resemble a (milder) version of Lake Havasu. With the drone flying high above, I was able to capture the scene of various boats anchored or tied together off Brown's Island with some sunbathers on the small [...]

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Dusting of Snow on Browns Island

As snow is due to fall tonight from the latest Nor'Easter, I thought I would share one of the images I captured this winter while I took a hiatus from the site (but kept exploring this beautiful town). Today's image of Brown's Island and sunrise reflected in the still waters of Fisherman's Beach comes from December 10th. I had gone out the day before when snow began to fall and captured my favorite image of 2017 - 'Christmas at Sea'.  With more snow having fallen overnight, I returned to Barnegat and Little Harbor the next morning to capture more images [...]

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The Beach at Brown’s Island

Grace Oliver Beach was my first stop on Sunday morning and I launched from the entrance to Crowninshield Road from which I could explore Doliber's cover and Brown's Island.  I was hoping for more color in the dense tree cover at Brown's but found only a hint of yellows and oranges.  Instead of focusing on foliage, I decided to fly higher and capture the whole of the island while focusing more on the beach at Brown's Island as well as the shallow waters. Sunday may have been the final day of this Indian summer as a cold front was due [...]

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Doliber Cove and the Dr Seuss Tree

I know I'm not the only one in town who is fascinated by the Dr Seuss tree that can be found along the water at the edge of Crowninshield Road.  As I flew the Phantom 4 Pro from Grace Oliver Beach and over Doliber Cove, I kept Brown's Island to my right and moved into position to capture the tree on the left. At this height, the shallow depths of Doliber Cove become much more evident though most who have bathed in these waters can attest to its height.  It won't be much longer before boats tie up together to [...]

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Low Tide at Brown’s Island

Yesterday offered perfect conditions for flying over Marblehead and exploring familiar locations from a new vantage point.  I spent some time at Redd's and Black Joe's before driving down to Grace Oliver Beach and setting off to explore Brown's island. I have a favorite image of Brown's Island in my Wednesdays in Marblehead book captured from a friend's boat as we turned the corner and spotted Marblehead Light in the distance.  I wanted to capture a similar feel on this picture perfect day and flew to almost the same spot (but a few hundred feet above water level) for this [...]

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Browns Island from Doliber’s Cove

My second stop on February 25th was Little Harbor and I couldn't pass up the chance to shoot the sun rising over Brown's Island and reflecting in the waters of Doliber's cove.  I shot this scene before capturing the one of the rowboat shared on Tuesday but came back to it after and found a bird had perched on the nearby rock to take in the peaceful scene.  I preferred this image with the bird to add a bit of life to the morning view.

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Burning Through the Fog at Little Harbor

One of my first stops on February 25th was Little Harbor and this was my favorite image taken from along Beacon Street.  The sun had burned through enough of the fog to allow sunlight to reflect on the still water of the harbor.  I composed this shot to include the lone boat moored in First Harbor along Fisherman's Beach and then lucked out when a seagull flew over Brown's Island.

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