Newest Images of Marblehead

Sailing by the Corinthian

I managed to catch one other sailboat during my outing on Tuesday afternoon. Exactly 20 seconds after capturing the sailboat crossing in front of Abbot Hall, I turned and caught this boat sailing by the [...]

Fall Day in Marblehead

Yesterday, I drove around Marblehead to get a sense of fall colors on what will likely be a muted foliage season due to the drought of summer. I found little in the way of color [...]

Through the Glow of Sunset

A bit of a late post this morning as I had taken yesterday and today off for Rosh Hashana. Happy New Year to all who celebrate! This image came from mid-June when I found myself [...]

Marblehead Football and Cheeleading

What a weekend! I shot the Freshman Football game Thursday night since my daughter was cheering. Then I drove out to North Andover for the Varsity football game. Today JV was at home and I [...]

Flying by Castle Rock

I received an email a few weeks ago asking me if I might be able to secretly capture a proposal at Castle Rock. I immediately explained that wasn't something I had done previously and wasn't [...]

Sailboats and Sun Rays

I'm going to profess my ignorance again and admit that I do not know what to call these two beautiful boats other than 'sailboats'. As we headed out of Marblehead Harbor on a quick trip [...]

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