Newest Images of Marblehead

Summer Nights at Crocker Park

Our kids leave for overnight camp in the morning so, after dinner, I decided to pack everyone (including the dog) into the car and head over to Coffey Ice Cream for a couple of scoops. [...]

Fire in the Sky – Heat Wave is Coming

I had missed out on a surprisingly vibrant sunset on Wednesday night and made up for it with tonight's fire in the sky that erupted over the Village street pier. We had been out on [...]

Summer Storm in Marblehead

This may not be the first summer storm in Marblehead but it's the first one I was here for and, luckily enough, happened on a Wednesday so I was free to head to the Neck [...]

Last stop, Paris

After one week in Tel Aviv, we flew on a Sunday to Paris. On Monday morning, I woke before dawn for some reason and decided to walk out of our apartment in the 6th arrondissement [...]

Next Stop, Tel Aviv

We left London on Sunday morning and flew ElAl to Tel Aviv. I was born in Israel but hadn't been back in 20 years and my children had never visited. We had a great rental [...]

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