Newest Images of Marblehead

Epic Light from Peabody Lane

What an incredible sunset! I had my eye on the clouds for most of the afternoon and had a gut feeling that the clouds might break just right for a solid sunset. Having not shot [...]

Waiting Game

From the same outing (and same location) as last week's image of the blue dinghy comes this one of a boat seeming to be playing the waiting game before being put into the water of [...]

Light Up the Moon

The full moon rose almost three weeks ago and I'm only now finding time to share this image from the night. I had captured a deep red full moon just before 8pm while there was [...]


An overhead shot of this intensely blue dinghy seemed a nice way to end the week. I found this boat tied up in Little Harbor on Labor Day weekend.

Reflections of a Full Harbor

On Monday, I shared an image of pre-sunset light bathing Marblehead Harbor in a soft gold. I had captured the shot from the Dolphin Yacht Club just as our dinner was brought out to the [...]

Shadows and Reflections on State Street

I shared an image of State Street last week looking down toward the water. That image was taken a few minutes after this one taken near the opposite end of State Street and looking back [...]

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