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Newest Images of Marblehead

Summer Sunsets on the Harbor

Though it has been great to explore views over Marblehead with my new Phantom 4 Pro, I cannot wait for the mooring to fill with boats and capture warm Summer sunsets on the harbor.  This [...]

Last Light on Marblehead Neck

On March 8th, I captured one of my favorite aerial images of Marblehead Neck while the sun was still quite high in the sky.  Afterward, I flew around the Neck and finally off the coast [...]

A Touch of Spring on Harris Street

What better way to welcome the first day of Spring than with my favorite group of cherry blossoms in Marblehead.  The pink blossoms seen here in full bloom add a touch of Spring to the [...]

Fall Colors at Tedesco Country Club

Last Fall proved to be a down year for foliage in Marblehead after the drought took hold of our town for much of the Summer and Fall.  And so, when I spotted this crop of [...]

Abbot and the BYC

Today's image comes from November 14th and an attempt at capturing a supermoon setting behind Abbot Hall.  Before the moon had dipped low enough in the pre-dawn sky, I found this composition of Abbot Hall [...]

Sunset Before the Storm

I captured this image of clouds behind Marblehead Light on Chandler Hovey Park last week at sunset but didn't have a chance to work on the image until yesterday's snow day.  I had been photographing [...]

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