Newest Images of Marblehead

The Spirit of ’76

When the Spirit of '76 bookstore closed its doors a few months ago, I thought I had missed a chance to capture its facade. When I looked through my archive this week, I was happy [...]

Spring Dawn

And today's shot had an even longer wait. Captured on April 23, 2014, I had visited Hammond Park on this morning and found very subtle fog floating over the waters of Marblehead Harbor. I spotted [...]

A Four Year Wait

Today's image was captured on March 18, 2016 representing a four year wait for its debut. I remember heading out on this spring evening and finding a picture perfect scene before me as I stood [...]

This Too Shall Pass

On Friday March 13th, I chased a passing storm and ended up on Front Street from where I started off shooting a tight composition of the lighthouse and Neck with some waves breaking on the [...]

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