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Newest Images of Marblehead

Sunset on the Water

I mentioned in Tuesday's image of sunset captured on Sunday that I had flown my drone to try for aerial views while also taking turns shooting the scene from the ground. This image was taken [...]

Milky Way over Marblehead Neck

I've tried capturing stars and the Milky Way from within Marblehead a few times over the years but never could get the right mix of perfect conditions, a strong foreground and...aiming the camera in the [...]

Sunday Sunsets at the Lighthouse

Sunday was a very full day with my family enjoying perfect weather on Father's Day. After dinner, I decided to head out to Chandler Hovey Park on the chance of capturing a nice sunset to [...]

The Beach on Cove Lane

I've visited the beach on Cove Lane many times since first wandering down this public way on Marblehead Neck. Today's image comes from almost exactly three years ago when I made my way onto the [...]

Sunset Panorama – Corinthian Lane

I missed a pretty nice sunset the other night and had been disappointed until I looked into my 'to be posted' folder and found this beauty from September 2016. I can still remember the feeling [...]

Pollen in the Harbor

It's not often that my work as an Allergist syncs with my photography but such was the case on Sunday when I spotted pine pollen in the harbor. We had been invited to a friend's [...]

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