Newest Images of Marblehead

Moonglow over Ram Island

I missed the full moon rising the other night but, as luck would have it, happened upon this unpublished shot of moonglow over Ram Island captured on August 29, 2015.  I had been disappointed with [...]

End of the Rainbow

Back to that late June evening at Devereux Beach and the most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen in Marblehead. I shared a couple of wide shots of this rainbow but also captured some tighter compositions. [...]

Liberty & Co

This image was captured 20 minutes before Thursday night's incredible sunset when I had just arrived at the Little Harbor Lobster Company lot and was watching the sky hoping for a rainbow or some decent [...]

Harbor Views

Most people who visit Chandler Hovey Park will spend their time around the lighthouse and benches but, if you walk past the old oil house to the edge of the park, you'll see this view [...]

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