Newest Images of Marblehead


This was a truly incredible week which exceeded all my expectations and planning. I have been selling my Marblehead Calendar for nearly ten years and, without fail, every year, I have to up the order [...]

Giving Thanks and Free Wallpapers

Each year on Thanksgiving, I like to look back and give thanks for the support of everyone who has commented or shared my images and/or purchased one of my prints, calendars or book. It [...]

By the Light of the Moon

Last one from the night of November 5th and a different type of image than what I normally share. As I walked along the causeway exploring the best angle to capture sunset over the harbor, [...]

End of the Season

So this was the view in the other direction of the lamp post that I shared yesterday - now you see why I felt that I had miscalculated my shooting spot... Still, I was able [...]

Natural Light

On November 5th, I had gone out to capture the last late sunset of the year but found myself in the wrong position to capture an unexpectedly strong sunset. I quickly pivoted and decided to [...]

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