Newest Images of Marblehead

Hunting the Moon at Brown’s Island

I mentioned in last night's very long text that I had started off shooting the full moon rising over Brown's Island. if you didn't quite make it through the whole thing, here is the section [...]

Hunting the Moon at Redd’s Pond

Today was a great Wednesday in Marblehead! Started off at dawn shooting the full moon setting and getting lucky with anti-crepuscular rays at sunrise. I thought I would share that shot tonight or tomorrow but [...]

Harvard Moonset

So the theme for the week appears to be 'making do when the weather doesn't quite cooperate'... Got up before dawn hoping to capture the full moon setting. I had two spots in mind - [...]

Casting Shadows on the Water

I drove around on Saturday trying to figure out this year's foliage situation. The maples had turned early as usual and hadn't put on much of a show. I had spotted some vibrant colors in [...]

Break of Dawn at Lovis Cove

So this is where I started on Sunday morning during the break of dawn. I stood on Front Street between the Barnacle and a private home looking down at Lovis Cove (also known as 'Screeching [...]

October Dawn

As a photographer, I've learned to trust my sixth sense which includes when I wake up before dawn, it means conditions are good for a sunrise shoot. With that in mind, I silently left the [...]

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