I spent a good part of this Saturday catching up on photos taken over the past week during a high school football scrimmage, an attempt at capturing the super blue moon rising (and then succeeding far more with its setting) as well as portraits of all 40 members of the Marblehead high school cheer team.  As I worked through the images, I found some gems from the night of August 30th as I stood along Front Street with at least 30 others waiting for the moon to rise.

I had spotted some clouds near the horizon that my gut told me would spoil the moon’s appearance (they did) and took turns moving the camera in the direction of the causeway where an unexpectedly nice sunset was taking shape. My first shot of the night was this one of a lone cloud hovering over the Corinthian Yacht Club and reflecting the light of the setting sun. With a full harbor filling the foreground, it was a very satisfying composition.

I wanted to quickly thank the more than 50 people who have already pre-ordered my 2024 Marblehead Calendar. I should be receiving my hard copy proof on Wednesday and can’t wait to approve it to get the print run going. In case you missed the announcement, you can click on the image above for a link to my FB/IG store where pre-orders went live over the weekend and/or click the link to my site and order there via ApplePay, Venmo, etc.