Driftwood Restaurant

Breakfast at the Driftwood

This is the second time I've shared an image of The Driftwood with the last being in my Keep it Local series. It was hard to not shoot every storefront I passed during this mid-February snow storm and the Driftwood seemed to call out for its moment with the red facade perfectly highlighting the falling snow. It would be a great weekend to stop here for some corned beef hash, pancakes, maybe fried dough...

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Breakfast after the Blizzard at the Driftwood

In February 2013, a blizzard passed through Marblehead and I ventured out to capture scenes of the historic downtown distract in its aftermath.  Whether it was great timing or dumb luck, I ended up in front of a familiar red restaurant as the good light passed - just in time to grab breakfast after the blizzard at the Driftwood.

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Keep it Local Marblehead – The Driftwood Restaurant

The Driftwood Restaurant [link] has been serving 'Headers for over 40 years.  I have been trying to get a decent shot of it for what seemed like just as long.  I had two unsuccessful sunrise shoots of the harbor that both ended up with further failed attempts at capturing the restaurant.  I had all but given up until this particular morning in late November after the parking ban had gone into effect.  With more room to work, I chose a slight angle to shoot from and included the neighboring houses.  The sun and clouds did their best to cooperate and [...]

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