Muffin Shop

Muffin Shop at Dawn

Back to the top of St. Michael's steeple for today's image of the Muffin Shop at dawn.  I was moving around and around the top of the steeple on this October morning hunting for new compositions when I spotted this one of the Muffin Shop surrounded by a canopy of trees and backed by Marblehead Harbor and our lighthouse.  I'm sure the employees were hard at work producing muffins for their early morning customers.  I wish it was cold enough to catch a few wisps of smoke coming up from their kitchen...

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Keep it Local – The Muffin Shop

Did you know the Muffin Shop is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year?  Located on Washington Street, the Muffin Shop serves...well...muffins.  But also has great breakfast and lunch options.  On a cold Winter day, the front windows fog up from the heat of baking and in the Summer, it's uncommon to see the bench out front empty.  Not only does the Muffin Shop have great food, they also serve to showcase local artists on their walls.  Stop in and enjoy the food and art. And after you've had your fill of muffin and coffee, walk it off by turning left [...]

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