From the Scaffolds at Abbot Hall

Almost exactly six years ago, Abbot Hall was in the midst of much needed repairs and I somehow talked my way (with permission) to the top of the scaffolding that surrounded the building. This was before the availability of drones making such shots commonplace. Back then I recall sticking flyers under doors throughout historic downtown Marblehead hoping for a widow's walk or some other vantage point from which to find new compositions of this town. The view from the scaffolds at Abbot Hall did not disappoint - even if the light wasn't ideal. Here you can look down on Washington [...]

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Abbot and the Rooftops at Dawn

Today's image of Abbot and the rooftops was taken exactly one minute before yesterday's view of Grace Community Church.  I had been shooting from the back side of St. Michael's Steeple and kept alternating between wide and tighter views of Abbot Hall. As the sky reached its peak of pink color, I couldn't help but zoom out to capture the full extent of color in the morning sky as well as the rooftops interspersed with trees in this part of downtown Marblehead.

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Morning Grace in Marblehead

Today and tomorrow's images come from my trip to the top of St. Michael's steeple and the beautiful dawn and sunrise which greeted us.  Given the tight space, there end up being only a limited number of compositions available but the differing light of dawn and sunrise more than makes up for the loss in variety. I discovered this composition of Grace Community Church juxtaposed with Old North Church on a previous trip to this spot and couldn't help but shoot it again this morning.  The soft pastel light of morning helped bring the entire scene together from the foreground [...]

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Muffin Shop at Dawn

Back to the top of St. Michael's steeple for today's image of the Muffin Shop at dawn.  I was moving around and around the top of the steeple on this October morning hunting for new compositions when I spotted this one of the Muffin Shop surrounded by a canopy of trees and backed by Marblehead Harbor and our lighthouse.  I'm sure the employees were hard at work producing muffins for their early morning customers.  I wish it was cold enough to catch a few wisps of smoke coming up from their kitchen...

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Hooper at Dawn

On an early October morning, I met up with my friend Steve Clay at St. Michael's Church and the two of us successfully ascended to the top of the building's new steeple.  This was my third trip up to this spot overlooking historic downtown Marblehead and I was treated to great colors and a prefect sunrise.  I shared the sunrise view shortly after taking it but haven't had a chance to show any other images yet. During my very first ascent to this spot (on the scaffolding erected at the time), I found this composition of Hooper Street and its [...]

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Sunrise over Marblehead Neck

Please read/share - updates on future postings Since starting Wednesdays in Marblehead in August 2008, I've shared over 1,500 images of this incredible town.  For the past few months, I've felt my creativity dwindling and have begun to feel the need to keep up with daily postings as more chore than enjoyment.  I know I still have much to explore but feel that to do so, I need to stop the daily morning postings (at least for now).  For the foreseeable future, I plan to share a favorite image (or more) soon after an outing but the timing of those [...]

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High Over Five Corners

In April 2012, I was invited for a flight in a Cessna over Marblehead.  This was before the proliferation of drones and a chance to shoot from above Marblehead seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Though we didn't stay up for long (turbulence got the better of me), we did make a few passes over familiar spots and I did my best to capture them. This image was taken while flying high over Five Corners.  The intersection can be a challenging one for newcomers with its even numbered stop signs for an odd number of roads converging here. [...]

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Marblehead – A Model New England Town

In late November 2014, as Abbot Hall tower was nearing the end of its much needed repairs, I was invited atop the scaffolding to help document the work that was taking place.  With a perfect vantage point from which to capture images of historic downtown and the harbor, I couldn't help but shoot the nearly endless compositions that presented themselves. For this shot, I decided to have a bit of fun with it and introduce a selective focus (much like one would get with a tilt-shift lens).  The result accentuates the effect of shooting from above and transforms Marblehead into [...]

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From the Rooftops – Pleasant Street at Dawn

Can you tell that I enjoyed my time atop St. Michael's steeple?  This is another image from New Years day and came as the light picked up a bit in the morning sky.  I composed the image of Pleasant street at dawn to showcase Grace Community Church as well as the stores in historic downtown Marblehead.  The addition of lights in some of the store windows add a warm glow to the final scene.

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Abbot Hall in Dawn’s Glowing Light

More images from New Years day to start off this week.  This was the first thing I saw when I climbed out onto the base of St. Michael's steeple to welcome 2016.  Dawn's glowing light was illuminating clouds to the West and I quickly set up for an image including Abbot hall from this unique vantage point.

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