What an incredible weekend!  If you missed my posts on Saturday (CLICK HERE) and Sunday (CLICK HERE), the Marines came to town this weekend for the Marine Aviation Centennial celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the first Marine flight that took off from Marblehead harbor.  We had four helicopters arrive Friday and park at the Village school where kids (and adults) could view these incredible machines up close.

On Saturday, there was a fly over by Corsair and T28 planes as well as a parade with Humvees.  After the parade, a trove of gear was shown off and my son got to handle a machine gun, grenade launcher and honest-to-goodness bazooka!  I don’t know who was more thrilled – him for the experience or me for living it through his eyes.

On Sunday, the helicopters departed and watching these big guys take off was quite an experience.  I’ve posted some of my favorite images in the gallery below.  The image above was a long exposure (I couldn’t pass up the chance) at sunset on Friday night.  The shutter was left open for five minutes to capture the intense colors of sunset on the warm and humid evening.

Below are images of the full moon rising over the CH-53 also taken Friday as well as shots from early Sunday when the Cobra was bathed in some great light.  Thanks to my son for waking me up at 4:30 so that I could shoot the sunrise and then this image.  The last are ones from the departure.  It’s truly an experience to be under the belly of that CH-53…

Thanks to Don Humphreys, the USMC and everyone else involved in making this a reality.