The Marines Leave Town

What an incredible weekend!  If you missed my posts on Saturday (CLICK HERE) and Sunday (CLICK HERE), the Marines came to town this weekend for the Marine Aviation Centennial celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the first Marine flight that took off from Marblehead harbor.  We had four helicopters arrive Friday and park at the Village school where kids (and adults) could view these incredible machines up close. On Saturday, there was a fly over by Corsair and T28 planes as well as a parade with Humvees.  After the parade, a trove of gear was shown off and my son [...]

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Corsair and T28 Fly Over the Harbor

As part of this weekend's Marine Aviation Centennial celebration in Marblehead, Corsair and T-28 planes were slated to fly over the harbor.  I decided to head to the Neck for a vantage point that would hopefully allow for some shots of the planes crossing Abbot Hall or the Lighthouse.  The planes were beautiful to behold and, thanks to a borrowed lens, I was able to get close up shots of them flying overhead.  The shot above is my favorite of the set but I included a few more below in a gallery that includes two fly-bys over Abbot and one [...]

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Marblehead’s Marine Aviation Celebration Begins

This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the first flight of a marine plane and the mark of marine aviation's beginning.  As part of the celebration, four marine helicopters arrived in town today and will make the Village School their home for the weekend.  I captured one as it circled Abbot Hall prior to landing and then visited the helicopters with my son in the afternoon.  After seeing them displayed, I decided to try my luck at photographing them at sunset. The grounds were still well attended as the sun went down and I waited patiently (drenched in DEET and [...]

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