I first learned of the tea house that sits perched over the Atlantic ocean by chance when happening on a listing for the property on which it resides – 405 Ocean Avenue.  Since that moment over one year ago, I have tried to find an opportunity to photograph the unique spot.  As luck would have it, the owner of the home contacted me a few weeks ago and we set a date for a visit.  Last Wednesday, I drove up the Neck, parked in front of the house, and walked around back.  What greeted me was the view you see below – beautiful grounds set on the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

Carol gave me a tour of the property and I quickly decided on areas to shoot.  I started with the interior of the tea house (come back tomorrow for that image) and then set about exploring ways to present the house in its environment.  The image above with trees as frames seemed the perfect composition.  You can see the outcropping of rock that forms the base on which the structure was built.  In the view below, you can make out the path leading down to the house and the trees shaped by over 100 years of wind into the form they take today.

As a brief history of the property, the founder of the Lipton Tea Company, W. Gardner Barker, built his home on the Neck in the 1880s and settled on this plot of land to do so.  As any self-respecting tea maven would, he constructed the perfect tea house from which to enjoy a morning (or evening) drink.  Just wait til you see the view inside…and if you have a few million dollars to invest, this home and view can be yours (the property is on the market).