Portrait of a Wave

This seemed like a good one to end the week on. In late January, I headed to Devereux Beach to capture kite surfers catching air and flying through the air. Between those shots, I turned my long lens towards the ocean and tried to capture images of the waves as they first formed far from land. This is one such portrait of a wave.

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Shelter from the Storm

My first stop on Saturday was Devereux Beach and, even at two hours before high tide, Ocean Avenue leading to the causeway was beginning to fill with ocean water from spillover. I parked on Beach Street instead and walked carefully across to the Riverhead side and onto one of the floats.  From there I waited for breaks in the light rain and used my longest lens to shoot the shelter at Devereux Beach. The shelter served as a perfect subject to frame the power of the ocean and oncoming waves. I watched as the waves barreled up the incline of [...]

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Dancing Waves at Flirtation Rock

After exploring the causeway, Front street and the Landing, I made my way to a favorite spot on Surf Street looking down at the small cove bordered by Flirtation Rock and Bass Rock. This is a great vantage point for watching waves crashing against the sea wall and I took plenty of shots of that. However, as I watched one wave recede from the wall and meet another oncoming wave, the sheer power of the two met in the middle to create explosions of water. The small cove seemed to come to life with these dancing waves that reached incredible [...]

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Golden Dawn at Preston Beach

A couple of weeks ago, an unbelievable dawn erupted in the sky over Marblehead.  I left the house as the purple light hit its peak and made a beeline for Preston Beach hoping to catch some of the magical color in the clouds.  By the time I parked and got out of the car, the purple had disappeared but, a minute or two later, a golden color exploded overhead. I quickly composed this image to capture as much of the golden dawn as I could.  With the calm ocean and few waves, the wet sand only served to accentuate the [...]

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Dawn before the Storm

With talk of a storm headed our way that may be bringing 40+ MPH winds and 1-3" of rain, I figured the old adage 'red sky in morning, sailer take warning' may predict a nice dawn.  With that and the very late timing of sunrise this time of year, I headed out to Devereux Beach. When I arrived, I found a few cars in the lot and a couple of fishermen casting lines into the Atlantic.  I took up my spot between them and began capturing images as the dawn built up in color.  I started off with tighter compositions [...]

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Riding out the Storm

For the second time this May, Marblehead was drenched by a long-lasting rain storm.  In between trying to protect the foundation of our new addition (it made it through fine both times), I spent most of today taking care of errands and tried to let my wife enjoy her mother's day.  As the day neared its end, I noted the clearing and brightening skies and left the house for a bit hoping to catch a rainbow or solid sunset. I drove out to Chandler Hovey Park but wasn't thrilled with the light and ended up crossing the causeway again and [...]

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Coming Ashore in the Fog – Waves at Castle Rock

Years ago, I was thrilled to be interviewed by the Marblehead Reporter about my photography and was pleasantly surprised at the headline calling me a Fog-tographer.  I had expressed my love of foggy conditions and, with the quality of light in this image, it really is no wonder that many of my favorite images were captured in the fog. This is another image from the morning of February 25th and was taken near the end of my journey from Little Harbor to Castle Rock.  The fog was picture perfect at this point and created a painterly light that washed over [...]

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Coastline in the Fog – Wave Foam on the Neck

On Saturday, February 25th, I woke to find Marblehead enveloped in fog as a result of the Spring-like weather that had offered us several days of warmth.  I ended up chasing the light and fog from Little Harbor to the Neck and came away with enough favorites to share a new foggy image of Marblehead every day this week. Today's image is my second favorite and comes from the outcropping at Castle Rock.  I had just taken what would be my favorite image of the day and walked behind the large rock to explore the view of this section of [...]

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Fifteen Degree Sunset

This is the dorkiest title I have ever given to an image but I just couldn't come up with anything good... After capturing images with the Phantom 4 Pro from above Devereux beach on Monday night, I switched over to the real camera and set about capturing a Winter beach sunset.  While most of the good light was down the beach, I kept my eye on this diagonal band of clouds and switched to this composition as they picked up the light of the setting sun.  I timed the shot to capture the gentle surf coming ashore. As for the title, [...]

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Waves Lapping at the Causeway

On Monday night, I headed out to Devereux beach in the hopes of exploring the causeway and beach with my new Phantom 4 Pro.  As I flew across the causeway, I positioned the camera directly down and was mesmerized by the view of green-blue water gently lapping against the sand and rocks abutting the causeway. I stopped in my tracks, rotated the drone and composed this image.  As I did so, I was recording and caught a bicyclist riding across the top of the frame.  That video is below. As soon as he passed, I captured this image of [...]

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