This week, the Glover school demolition began.  I saw the first chunks removed on my way to work on Monday and noted even more disappeared by noon Tuesday.  I had come home to grab lunch and quickly got the camera instead.  I took a few shots from School street but then made my way around to Cherry Street and saw this view.  The view reminded me of watching the old YMCA come down with layers appearing for singular moments in time.  As it was the crew’s lunch break, I had some time to compose this image to showcase the interior of the old school.  Most touching was the small white paper you can see against the yellow wall which, when zoomed in says “lonely, SAD” and a few other words too small to make out.

I had the distinct honor of being able to photograph the Glover before the teardown and believed then (and now) that a new school was desperately needed.  It remains difficult to see such an old building full of history and memories come down brick by brick.  You can revisit those images by clicking this LINK (scroll down past the football images).