The ‘old’ YMCA was demolished this week to make room for new condominiums in town.  The Y opened in 1910 making it the oldest one on the North Shore.  It cared for a century of children in Marblehead but closed before I moved to town.  I had a chance to watch the demolition on Wednesday morning and snuck around to the side as the crew worked.  I found this still-standing door leading into the rays of light that were reflecting off the equipement and made stronger by the dust and debris in the air.  Seemed a perfect tribute to some great architecture.

After taking the shot of the door, I was strongly encouraged to get away from the side of the building lest it come crashing on top of me.  I went around to School street and got this image as the walls were torn away.  This shot (and the next) made me sad to have not been able to explore the interior of the old building when it was still intact.

Finally, one shot of the entrance before it was taken down.

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