The Marblehead Carnival has come and gone but I wanted to share one more image from an outing near sunset on Saturday night.  I shared the image of the ferris wheel earlier in the week and had decided to continue with long exposure images of the rides for the rest of my time at the carnival.  I slowly made my way through the various rides until I found myself in front of the Zipper.

By day, this is a pretty disorienting ride and I can only imagine what it must be like in the dark.  I decided to shoot from directly in front of the ride and capture the light trails as it made its rotations that propel riders around the main frame and in circles within their own compartment.  The end result of the 4 second exposure is this near light trail detailing the twists and loops taken by the riders.

I decided to look up information about The Zipper carnival ride and discovered it was invented in the late 60’s.  There were some modifications made over time but one can easily imagine this same ride entertaining folks in Marblehead for nearly 50 years of carnival fun.