For a while, I had an Experimental Friday theme going on this site.  I was looking back through my archive and found this image taken on June 21, 2012 and not yet shared that seemed to fit nicely with that theme.  This was taken on an outing at Chandler Hovey Park with my kids while trying out a borrowed lens (the fabled Canon 135mm f/2).  I shot with that lens and came away with some favorite images of my children (there’s a reason they call it magical and claim there’s fairy dust sprinkle liberally inside).  I couldn’t help myself when the sun dipped low and the atmosphere turned orange so I went into ‘landscape’ mode and turned down the aperture to f/22 to bring out the sunstar off the binoculars seen here.  The name of today’s image comes from the phrase imprinted near the top that I always found part humorous and part poignant – Turn to Clear Vision.