The Mooring

For a while, I ran an 'Experimental Friday' theme and thought I would see what everyone thought of this image.  Taken shortly after dawn on Memorial Day this year.  I've shared two other landscapes from that morning but couldn't help capturing this simple composition of the mooring with the great light reflecting off the waters of Marblehead Harbor.

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Skiff at Sunset

One more image from Saturday's shoot of the Beaver moon rising.  A skiff tied to a mooring is captured on an early November night with the waters of Marblehead Harbor reflecting the colors of sunset. When all was said and done, I had come away from this brief shoot with 3 images to share this week and two more that are now in the 'to be published' archive.  It's no wonder I can never seem to get that archive number down...

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Turn to Clear Vision

For a while, I had an Experimental Friday theme going on this site.  I was looking back through my archive and found this image taken on June 21, 2012 and not yet shared that seemed to fit nicely with that theme.  This was taken on an outing at Chandler Hovey Park with my kids while trying out a borrowed lens (the fabled Canon 135mm f/2).  I shot with that lens and came away with some favorite images of my children (there's a reason they call it magical and claim there's fairy dust sprinkle liberally inside).  I couldn't help myself when [...]

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Experimental Friday – Through the Looking Glass at Hammond Park

I was thrilled with the reception that my image from Hammond Park received early last week and happy to note that many longtime 'Headers hadn't visited the park in years but now had made plans to do so.  I hope that as a new resident of this town, I can continue to offer a fresh perspective on familiar or forgotten locations and help residents rediscover the beauty all around. With Hammond Park on my mind and the Experimental Friday coming up, my mind turned to this image made in March 2011.  I had been exploring the park on this particular [...]

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Experimental Friday – Tilt Shift on Devereux Beach

Another entry for Experimental Friday and another attempt with the borrowed tilt shift lens.  After shooting the playground, I decided to try my hand at the causeway and the seal embedded in the concrete.  By using this special lens, I was able to keep the lamp posts in the distance lined up straight while still playing with the plane of focus and keeping the guard rail out of the frame.  Won't be too much longer before the beach is packed as we cool off from the heat of Summer...

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A Sun Star in a Melting Icicle

On Sunday, as the snow started to melt and the sun came out, I ventured out in search of more snowy scenes to capture.  I decided to head out at high tide in hopes that the waves would still be churning from the Blizzard (now offshore).  Unfortunately, the waters were very calm and so I kept driving and ended up at Grace Oliver Beach.  As I drove down Beacon Street, I noticed that the fence was covered with melting icicles and I decided to stop and try to capture them. I switched to my longest lens and zoomed out to [...]

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Experimental Friday – The Swing

A very simple composition for today's Experimental Friday entry.  I was shooting at sunset in early June when I walked back to my car, stopped and looked back over my shoulder.  The 'good' light had faded but I couldn't help return and shoot this swing as it 'rested' in the air.  I angled the camera very low to get only sky in the background.

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The Little Boys and Girls’ Rooms

Experimental Friday heads out to Childrens Island and this image from October of last year.  I think the colors first drew me to this scene and the rotting wood at the base of the doors as well as the hand painted BOYS and GIRLS signs led me to take the picture.  But what really kept me looking was the small handprint seen on the window on the girls' side.  It just leaves you wondering...

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Rusted Screw and Weathered Pylon

It's another Experimental Friday entry which takes us back to the pylons that were featured on Tuesday's Long Exposure post.  After getting the composition I had sought for some time, I took the camera off the tripod and decided to play with angles and depth of field.  I noticed this rusted screw in the nearest pylon and decided to make that a focal point with the swirling waves serving as a backdrop.  I opened up the lens to its widest aperture and focused on the screw.  In doing so, the texture of the rust and the patterns on the pylon [...]

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Fall Wreath on a Blue Door

This image came from the Photo Walk that took place in October and during which I did a bit of experimentation.  I don't recall exactly where I was when I walked by this blue door but the simple composition of the wreath and the great complement of colors - oranges, blue and brown - made me stop and stare.  This was a quick shot and the wide open aperture helped nail the focus on the wreath's details and keep the texture of the door from distracting.

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