Chandler Hovey park

Lighting up the Sunset

Turning to my 'to be posted' archive for the rest of the week and starting off with this image captured on July 2nd at 8:30pm. I had driven out to Chandler Hovey Park on this July 4th weekend and found I had the place much to myself for this capture of Marblehead Light adorned in string lights and backlit by a nice summer sunset.

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Summer Days at Chandler Hovey

In mid-July, we were invited for a short cruise out of the harbor and I lucked out with incredible cloud cover to allow me almost endless compositions. As we made our way out of the harbor, I set up this shot with Marblehead Light against a backdrop of cumulus clouds and lucked out with a lone boat (Flying Horse) crossing in front of Chandler Hovey Park. The end result of a sidelit lighthouse with beautiful clouds behind it brings to mind summer in Marblehead and I thought it fitting to share at the end of meteorologic summer today.

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Watching the Boats Come In

August 7th was a really hot day in Marblehead and I had decided to chase these cumulus clouds out to Chandler Hovey Park.  I walked out of my air conditioned car and almost immediately turned back but then forced myself to explore photo options. It was near the edge of the park that I was able to compose a shot to include the beautiful cloud cover while keeping Marblehead Light at the edge of the frame. Between the brown grass and the view of people sitting under the shade of the structure, I think the temperature of this day can [...]

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Sunset on the Harbor

I've shared two previous images from this outing that were instant favorites including that huge rainbow from Front Street and a vibrant sunset behind Marblehead Light. As such, this shot from July 2nd was placed in the 'to be posted' folder until today. The view from Chandler Hovey Park is awesome but, in order to take it all in with a camera, one needs to go wide. With that wide view, the boats tend to look small, far away and spaced too far apart which detracts from the scene. In this case, there are enough elements in the sky, the [...]

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Lighthouse Sunset

On July 2nd, I had made my way to Chandler Hovey Park to capture a promising sunset. I shot from the edge of the park where the cliff faces Cove Beach and then turned towards my car as the light faded. As usual, I looked back one last time before calling it a night and saw this composition. I used my widest lens to take in the view of Marblehead Light, the flagpole and that weather battered tree while making sure to capture as much of the sky as possible. The lights around the lighthouse set up for the Independence [...]

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Winter Sunsets at Chandler Hovey Park

Remember that spring-like day on Saturday when the ice/snow had finally melted and temps broke 60? This was the view of the winter sunset at Chandler Hovey Park where I headed to enjoy the last light of an unusually warm winter day. Little did I know I would spend the following day driving (and occasionally sliding) on streets around town capturing freshly falling snow.

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Hint of Smoke at Marblehead Light

When temperatures drop, I tend to hit Front Street in the hopes of capturing sea smoke surrounding Chandler Hovey Park. Unfortunately with the high winds on the morning of January 11th, there was only a hint of smoke to be seen and captured on this arctic morning. I ended up liking my shot of the smoke around Cormorant Rock more so I posted that one and saved this in the 'to be published folder' until today.

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Best Laid Plans

I was excited for the possibility of shooting the moonrise tonight at Chandler Hovey Park having received an invite to join a group of photographers there. I knew it would be tight with finishing up work in my Danvers office at 4pm but had arrived just in the nick of time at 4:28 (moonrise was at 4:31) only to find the cloud cover which should have been disappointing was showing no signs of doing so. As I looked around, I spotted a band of rain showers over Peaches Point and, sure enough, all cameras had turned that way for the [...]

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Sit for a Spell

It seems like forever since I was last out to shoot around Marblehead but, looking back, it had only been two weeks.  I had the day off and, once the rain cleared, found picture perfect conditions for a mid-day outing. I crossed the causeway and then stopped at the public ways and some other spots along the Neck to capture views of the harbor and boats under cumulous clouds. Chandler Hovey Park was a mid-journey stop and I arrived to find myself one of only three people out enjoying the wind coming off the water. The views towards Abbot were [...]

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Weathered Tree at Chandler Hovey Park

The theme for this week seems to be shaping up as 'images that I wasn't happy with but finally figured out the right processing this weekend'.  This black and white image of a weathered tree at Chandler Hovey Park was captured on September 1, 2013. I was drawn to this composition in which the tree is able to steal focus from Marblehead Light in large part due to the curve of the clouds mimicking the canopy of the tree.  That being said, the processing never really worked out. I tried this in color and black and white and while the [...]

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