Chandler Hovey park

Summer Nights in Marblehead

Sometimes as I go through my 'to be posted' archive, I come across an image and wonder why it didn't make the cut initially. In this case, I looked back and found that I had been playing with reflections of the lighthouse in a puddle of water from a recent rain and then later was treated to an even nicer sunset sky. B0th of those images were shared shortly after this outing on July 18, 2017 but this one stayed back. Looking at it now, all of the elements of summer nights in Marblehead seem to be perfectly captured in [...]

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Foggy Summer Sunset at Chandler Hovey Park

I was looking through my to-be-posted folder and stopped when I happened upon this shot of a foggy summer sunset at Chandler Hovey Park. With the clouds so high in the sky, I had switched to my wide angle lens and composed this image from near the parking lot. The effect of the distance and wide angle was to make Marblehead Light appear diminutive with so much empty space around it. I think it helped accentuate the feel of a foggy summer evening in Marblehead - can't wait for more of those...

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Beacon in the Night

On December 23rd, I headed out to capture the full cold moon rising over Chandler Hovey Park. When I arrived at my spot near the Dolphin Yacht Club, I immediately noticed the red, white and blue lights adorning Marblehead Light. I took a few practice shots to get ready for the moon rise but then had a great idea and made a few adjustments. Just before the moon came into view, its orange glow illuminated the horizon. I adjusted the camera to a very long exposure (25 seconds) which served to capture all of the light surrounding Marblehead Light and [...]

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Beacon of Light in the Fog

On Sunday night after capturing the image of the Christmas tree on the First Harbor dinghy, I turned towards Marblehead Light and noticed that it was the only sign of color on this foggy night. I decided to capture the lighthouse decked out in strings of lights for the holiday using a long-exposure. The 30 second image time served to calm the waters of little harbor and accentuate the foggy mood looking out past Gerry Island towards Chandler Hovey Park. The small aperture of the lens also helped add a small star to the light produced by the green beacon [...]

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The Brick Oil House and Abbot Hall

On October 22nd, I followed the clouds and light to Chandler Hovey Park only to watch the sun disappear behind the thickening clouds before putting on a proper show.  As I walked back to the car, I looked back and spotted this composition I had not previously captured.  There was something appealing about the two brick structures - the brick oil house and Abbot Hall on either ends of the frame with a bare tree in between.

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Lightning Strikes Twice in Marblehead

In mid-September, an active lightning storm passed over Marblehead shortly after sunset.  I had setup my longest lens inside the car due to the frequent bolts of lightning shining in the night sky and aimed at Chandler Hovey Park hoping for the best while mashing on the shutter button (well, the remote button to minimize shake...). As it happened, I lucked out and caught not one but two separate bolts.  I shared the second capture as soon as I came home but this was the first bolt that appeared on my screen.  The exposure on this one was a bit [...]

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Lightning Strikes Marblehead Light

So the title above 'lightning strikes Marblehead Light' may be a bit of creative license but when I saw this bolt and the image on the back of my camera's monitor, I just about lost my mind.  A bit about the shot: What an incredible lightning storm we just had pass through town!  I saw the sky darken as we finished dinner and ran out the door when I saw the radar image of the storm.  I quickly decided that Front Street offered me the best view and wondered if I might get a lucky shot of a lightning strike [...]

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Reflections at Chandler Hovey Park

From the same night as yesterdays post (literally taken 34 seconds before), comes this image of Marblehead Light captured in a reflection from a recent storm.  As I mentioned yesterday, I chased clouds between storms out to Chandler Hovey Park and spent a few minutes shooting the lighthouse with boats coming into the harbor.  I then spotted a puddle created from the rain that had just ended and captured this shot of the lighthouse reflected in the mirror-like surface. As luck would have it, another person was photographing the sunset and their pose at the base of the lighthouse almost [...]

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