On the fourth night of Hanukkah, I happened to be driving down Pleasant Street and noticed the large menorah in the small park at National Grand Bank.  I happened to have my camera in the car so I quickly pulled into the parking lot and set about figuring out a composition knowing that I wanted to get Abbot Hall in the distance.  I had figured out one possibility and settled on a return visit for the eighth night of Hanukkah which, as luck would have it, would fall on a Wednesday.

That Wednesday was also my Open House which I ended a bit earlier than I had planned.  As luck would have it, Jim Nye was the last person to come to the Open House and, when I told him where I was headed, he asked if I wanted the eighth candle lit a bit earlier than sunset and if I wanted him to turn on the newly installed Christmas tree in the lot across the street.  I jumped at the chance and drove out to National Grand Bank to meet him.  I started with my original composition but then moved in closer to the menorah for a better angle.  A few cars lined Pleasant Street but, as Jim seems to know everyone in town, he was able to get those cars moved in no time (he even offered to empty out the lot across the street!).

With cars all but gone, I set about shooting.  The sun had dipped lower in the sky and was spotlighting Abbot Hall just as a slight gust of wind breathed some life into Old Glory atop National Grand Bank.  All the elements seemed to come together with the eight candles of the menorah lit up brightly and even the Christmas tree shining just brightly enough to show in the final image.

While this wasn’t quite the miracle of the eight nights, I did feel incredibly fortunate to have all of the elements fall into place for this one moment that would capture the eighth night of Hanukkah and the menorah at National Grand Bank.