Happy Chanukah from Wednesdays in Marblehead (and a note for holiday print cut off dates)

I had every intention of capturing the menorah at Marblehead Savings Bank again this year but the day got away from me so I turned back to this image captured on December 15, 2012 and breathed new life into it with the marked improvements in photography software over the past decade. This image originally came out dark and grey due to the HDR workflow I had used to balance the light of the setting sun and the shadows of the building but now I was able to use the single image and come away with a brighter photo more consistent [...]

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Festival of Lights at Abbot Hall

This weekend, the Marblehead Festival of Arts had planned an Artisans Marketplace which unfortunately was cancelled due to weather. As part of that, they also commissioned a number of ice sculptures to adorn the upper grounds of Abbot Hall. On Sunday afternoon, I visited with my camera and found a beautiful menorah sculpture lined up in front of Abbot Hall. The only hard part was that this sculpture was about 12 inches from the large flag pole and thus it was nearly impossible to get a proper composition. I ended up having to use my widest lens and held the [...]

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The Menorah at National Grand Bank

On the fourth night of Hanukkah, I happened to be driving down Pleasant Street and noticed the large menorah in the small park at National Grand Bank.  I happened to have my camera in the car so I quickly pulled into the parking lot and set about figuring out a composition knowing that I wanted to get Abbot Hall in the distance.  I had figured out one possibility and settled on a return visit for the eighth night of Hanukkah which, as luck would have it, would fall on a Wednesday. That Wednesday was also my Open House which I [...]

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The Menorah at Marblehead Savings Bank

I had been on the lookout for an outdoor menorah to photograph in town but a drive by Temple Emanu-El, the JCC, Sinai and Hillel came up empty.  I turned to the All Marblehead page and received the hint about Marblehead Savings Bank from Lisa Indelicato (another photographer in town).  So on the eighth night of Hanukkah, I headed out to photograph it fully lit.  I arrived at the bank a bit early but watched as the sun started its decent toward the horizon.  I realized that it might dip at just the right angle for a sun star and [...]

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