Harvard Moonset

So the theme for the week appears to be 'making do when the weather doesn't quite cooperate'... Got up before dawn hoping to capture the full moon setting. I had two spots in mind - the public way at Parker Lane or the end of Harvard Street. As I drove, the sky seemed to hold promise but when I arrived at Harvard Street, I spotted a very small bank of clouds hanging behind Abbot Hall. There was a section that seemed to thin out and I stood there hoping for a few breaks to allow the moon to shine through [...]

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Sunset in the Rain

On Saturday night, I had headed out of the house when the rain began to fall and ended up at Crocker Park just in time to capture a rainbow over Marblehead Harbor. You may have noticed the boats were bathed in golden light...I sure did. Which prompted me to turn around and find this view of Abbot Hall awash in gold during a sunset in the rain. I captured 7 frames over a span of 2 minutes from Crocker Park while holding the camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other. This was the last frame and the [...]

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In the Nick of Time

I couldn't make up my mind about tonight's sunset and, by the time I did, almost missed the peak light. I had a late start and my first stop at Parker Lane was a no-go with the angle of light being just a bit off. From there I headed around to Foster and then went down to the Pleon's pier where I set up and composed this shot just in the nick of time.  Within a minute, the light had already become more muted. I shot a few more frames but quickly realized the best light had passed and packed [...]

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Breaking through the Clouds

It's almost funny looking back at this image captured on the fourth of July and realizing we have spent much of the second wettest month on record in similar conditions. On that day, I had gone out just after noon and ended up capturing what I thought was an interesting low bank of clouds from the Pleon.  Abbot Hall seems to be breaking through the clouds with a nearly full harbor laid out in front.

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I was at work today and saw a patient who commented on the awful smell of smoke outside. I hadn't had a chance to step outside until after 5 and, when I did, I realized she was right - the smoke from fires 2,500 miles away on the west coast had reached us along with the acrid smell. I thought of that as I was walking the dog and then stopped to talk to a neighbor but kept glancing west at the setting sun which was a bright red ball in the sky. As soon as I got home, I [...]

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Sunset Light

In order to see some great sunset light, I had to go back to May in the 'to be posted' archive for this shot captured on May 16th from the Pleon Yacht Club.  The setup for sunset was good with nice cloud cover but I needed a break near the horizon for the sunset light to shine through and, sure enough, at 7:47pm, the sun dipped below the clouds and created a perfect glow that reflected over a small boat in the harbor. It's funny now to see all of these empty moorings that are now completely filled with boats. [...]

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Between the Raindrops

While this year's Fourth of July weekend wasn't the same as those in the past with cold, wet conditions, fewer exhibits, artisans and traffic for the Festival and the lack of fireworks, it still felt really nice to have some of our traditional Independence Day/weekend activities return after the past year. I walked around on Saturday and ran into several people before visiting Abbot Hall and Old Town House to view the exhibits. Then on Sunday, we had plans to attend the Dolphin Yacht Club's cookout but the weather delayed the start.  Since we were already in the car, we [...]

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The Chestnut Tree at Crocker Park

I first saw the chestnut tree at Crocker Park in full bloom in 2016 and have tried to revisit each May to photograph the flowers on the tree as they serve to perfectly frame the view of Abbot Hall from this spot. On May 22nd, I visited Crocker Park hoping for a great sunset but the clouds didn't quite break as I expected and I was left looking for alternative shots. As luck would have it, the chestnut tree was in bloom and took up much of the frame in this composition to offset the muted sunset. I have a [...]

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Mid-Harbor Sunset

I still have several images from recent outings to share but thought I would break things up with this mid-harbor sunset from a late June evening in 2018. This particular sunset wasn't as vibrant as some of the ones I've recently shared but what it lacked in sky color it more than made up for in reflections off the water. I used my camera's flip screen to get as low as I dared to the water and captured this image of boats filling the harbor and the last light of sunset reflecting beautifully off the calm water.

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Boats in the Harbor and a Fire in the Sky

As I walked our dog tonight, I spotted a very vibrant rainbow overhead and didn't even have my iPhone on me to capture it. By the end of the walk, I had figured there were better than even odds of a nice sunset so I grabbed my bag and headed out. I was more curious about the eastern sky so I headed to Castle Rock but the cloud formations didn't hold much interest. From there I moved on to Corinthian Lane and then Foster Street where I found a nice vantage point for the evening's show. I started shooting as [...]

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