Abbot Hall

Smoky Sunset

With fires raging along the west coast, it was only a matter of time before the fine particulates made their way across the country to our next of the woods. Thankfully the result was limited to cloud-like conditions during the day. I had a hunch that the haze might create perfect conditions for capturing the sun as a red ball tonight so I drove across the causeway right after dinner to chase this image. As I drove, I spotted the sun in my rear view mirror and was please to find the red ball I had hoped for. From there [...]

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Basking in the Light

As it turns out, 2020 was a great year for renovations in Marblehead including those to the facade and bones of Abbot Hall. With scaffolding surrounding the building, I have not found opportunity to shoot the building except at angles low enough that I could hide the surrounding netting. Finally in August, Abbot Hall shed its scaffolding and I found the building basking in the light of a late August day when I stopped along Ocean Avenue and made my way on foot to the short stretch of beach at the end of the causeway. From this vantage point, I [...]

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Afterglow of a Summer Storm

This was my last stop of the night on Wednesday August 19 after shooting at Riverhead, the Causeway, Fort Beach and Castle Rock. By the time I arrived at the Pleon Yacht Club, the sun had dipped below the horizon and I thought I had missed the best light. As I set up and composed a tighter shot, the afterglow of the summer storm seemed to breathe a second wind into the evening light and I captured this view of the harbor and Abbot hall in the distance.

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A Study at Crocker Park

Next week will mark 10 years of Wednesdays in Marblehead with a video of my favorite images captured in the last decade to be shared on Wednesday, August 12.  As a prelude to that, this study at Crocker Park seemed the perfect opportunity to show how I can continue to shoot the same (or similar) scenes year after year and yet come away with enough differences to make each image unique. Today's shots were taken on July 1, 2015 - the first at 5:40pm and the second at 8:17pm. The location is almost identical, the [...]

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Abbot’s Finale

I went out on Saturday night in the hopes of capturing some rogue fireworks shots but, as luck would have it, I was out of position for the shots I had envisioned. The following morning, I ran into a neighbor who told me that there were a few shots that seemed to explode right near Abbot Hall which instantly reminded me of this shot from 2016's show. I had photographed the fireworks from the Dolphin Yacht Club that year and ended up with a few keepers. I knew the location wouldn't work for a finale and I had scouted a [...]

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Abbot and the Harbor Illumination

Two years ago, I decided to capture the annual harbor illumination and fireworks show from atop the causeway. I had on my longest lens and, when the flares were lit, took my time capturing endless scenes of this great tradition. Sadly, the harbor illumination will not be taking place this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and the very prudent attempts to limit gatherings.  At least we can recall the beauty of this tradition with this image of Abbot hall towering over the homes along Cliff Street with the water of Riverhead reflecting the red glow of the flares.

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Summer Days on the Water

On the second 90+ degree day in a row and the very last day of spring, we were invited out for a dinghy ride around the harbor by former neighbors and good friends. My wife, daughter and I were thrilled to accept the invitation to not only break up the heat of the day but also the monotony of these times. And so it was that we made our way to the Boston Yacht Club and out on the harbor for a dinghy ride. I ended up taking more photos of my daughter learning to pilot the small boat than [...]

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Sunset at the Waters Edge

So this is a perfect example of what happens when I go out for a shoot and have decent light to play with. I shared one image from Wednesday night's outing yesterday and here is another captured 7 minutes later. I normally would have shared one favorite from this shoot and put the other in the 'to be published' archive where it might sit for weeks, months or years. Seeing the two images one after the other, it's interesting to note how different the scene appears from the same exact location but having dropped down to the waters edge here [...]

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Crocker Sunset

Last night was my first outing in weeks and this is the first 'new' photo I've been able to share since the shot of a sailboat at Redd's several weeks ago (the others have all been pulled from my to-be-published folder). I couldn't decide if tonight's sky might break at the last minute and give way to a nice sunset so I took a chance and threw my bag in the car. I quickly noticed the western sky held more promise than the view east and crossed the causeway.  I kept watch on the clouds as I drove up the [...]

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