Hope no one is tired of fog yet – I was like a kid in a candy store when fog as thick and dense as I can remember seeing in town enveloped Marblehead in early December.  I’ve shared two images thus far and wanted to add one more today taken at the end of State Street.  I had been shooting up and down State when I decided to head to The Landing and a better angle on the star above.

Each year, the crane belonging to Marblehead Trading Company is adorned with a brilliantly lit star that can be seen from most of Marblehead.  Even the thick fog couldn’t extinguish the light of the star and I found this composition with The Landing’s marquee lit up and a commemorative rock in the foreground to capture the feel of The Landing Under a Star.

The rock dates from 1999 and reads:

Settled by fisherman in 1629
Dedicated to all those who have sailed from the harbor since that time
Marblehead 350th Anniversary Committee