Foggy Summer Sunset at Chandler Hovey Park

I was looking through my to-be-posted folder and stopped when I happened upon this shot of a foggy summer sunset at Chandler Hovey Park. With the clouds so high in the sky, I had switched to my wide angle lens and composed this image from near the parking lot. The effect of the distance and wide angle was to make Marblehead Light appear diminutive with so much empty space around it. I think it helped accentuate the feel of a foggy summer evening in Marblehead - can't wait for more of those...

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Beacon of Light in the Fog

On Sunday night after capturing the image of the Christmas tree on the First Harbor dinghy, I turned towards Marblehead Light and noticed that it was the only sign of color on this foggy night. I decided to capture the lighthouse decked out in strings of lights for the holiday using a long-exposure. The 30 second image time served to calm the waters of little harbor and accentuate the foggy mood looking out past Gerry Island towards Chandler Hovey Park. The small aperture of the lens also helped add a small star to the light produced by the green beacon [...]

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In a Fog on the Neck

On Wednesday, August 8th, I headed out to shoot some aerial images around Castle Rock and shared one image with the drone a few feet above the waves.  Shortly after taking that shot, I flew up to 400 feet and noticed fog developing over the Neck.  I quickly flew down toward Flying Point and found this composition showcasing the fine layer of fog over the middle of Marblehead Neck with a lone boat moored off the coastline. You can just make out the lighthouse in the distance as well as boats in the harbor beyond.

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Remembering Castle Rock

As I was looking for a photo to share today, I found this one of Castle Rock captured on a foggy morning in February 2017. That prompted me to check when I last captured an image of these granite shores and pebble beach only to realize I have not shot a single frame at Castle Rock in over a year. It amazes me that in a 4.4 square mile town, I could go a year without shooting this beautiful location and not even realize it. I like to think that it speaks to the beauty to be found in Marblehead [...]

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Fog on the Harbor

Last Monday evening, fog developed in Marblehead ahead of a warm front. I had an idea in mind for the drone that would only work with patchy fog concentrated around the harbor. I had checked out conditions by flying my drone straight up over my house and noticed that conditions seemed to be perfect and promptly headed out to Devereux Beach. I arrived to find patchy fog overhead and flew my drone up above the fog which took on the appearance of cloud cover. I explored different compositions with the unique effect of fog on the harbor creating the illusion [...]

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Baseball in the Fog

For those who don't know me outside of this website, I'm the father of two children and purchased my first 'real' camera six months before my now 12 year old son was born. That led to landscape photography and eventually Wednesdays in Marblehead. For every landscape shot I share, I probably take 5-10 of the kids doing activities or just trying to capture moments before they grow up. Only once before have my kid shots and the landscape ones come together in a group shot of kids at Redd's during the Fourth of July sailboat regatta. Last night, I was [...]

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Foggy Morning at Redd’s Pond

This Wednesday in Marblehead began with thick fog and I decided to explore a few favorite locations after dropping the kids at school. My first stop was Redd's Pond where the thick fog added a sense of isolation and calm - as though this little red house existed independently of neighbors. Standing across the water and composing this image on a foggy morning at Redd's Pond made for a nice start to the day.

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On Golden Harbor

Last September, I was fortunate to witness and capture views of Marblehead harbor as fog rolled in at sunset.  The result was a rapidly changing and incredibly beautiful scene that I took advantage of by shooting for almost an hour.  I've shared several images from the explosive sunset that followed but, as the sun remained above the horizon, it served to turn our familiar waters into a golden harbor. The view of these boats sitting moored in their spots on still waters made for a picture perfect scene.  I thought a bit of light might help push the gray morning [...]

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Best of Show – Marblehead Festival of Arts

I am thrilled and humbled to announce that one of my entries 'In a Fog on State Street' has been awarded Best of Show at the 2017 Marblehead Festival of Arts.  Both this image and 'Light Dawns on Marblehead' will be on display at Old Town House beginning on Friday, June 30th after the awards ceremony at Abbot Hall.  The photography display ends on Tuesday, July 4th. This year's entry was the third in a series of black and white fog landscapes in Marblehead that began with 'A Walk in the Fog' which won Best of Show at the 2012 [...]

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Summer Fog in the Harbor

As Summer officially begins, I thought it appropriate to share a warm image and immediately went to the most productive day of my past 9 years in Marblehead - July 5, 2016.  It's rare to get a solid Summer fog in the harbor and to have it occur at sunset is an even rarer event.  To have that happen while I was in a position to capture the dramatic scenes before me was serendipity. I've shared many images from this night but never this one. As I was shooting boats moored in the harbor from Chandler Hovey park, I spotted [...]

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