The Landing

Framed by Smoke at the Landing

On Saturday, Glover's Regiment took part in the annual Christmas Walk and then arrived at the State Street Landing before 3pm to fire a salute and then re-enact the crossing of the Delaware River. I arrived a little before 3 and tried to find a new vantage point from which to shoot the regiment as it fired three volleys over the water. As luck would have it, the company leader (Seamus Daly) let me know they were going to head onto the stage and I quickly came up with this composition. My hope was to capture Glover's Regiment firing their [...]

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Broken Wharfs at the Landing

After capturing shots from Cliff Street, I made my way toward the State Street Landing and witnessed the broken wharfs being lifted with each passing wave at high tide. The wharfs are normally lined with benches and guard rails where people can wait for boats to tie up below. I had never seen the ramps approach the level of the wharfs with high tides in the summer nor had I ever seen the water come close to the bottom of the structures. As I stood amongst a group of stunned observers, the ocean lifted the entire structure up and then [...]

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The Lobster Trap Tree

On Saturday morning, I drove my daughter to the State Street landing where she met with her fourth grade Marblehead Cheerleading team to take part in the annual Christmas Walk parade.  I had missed out on shooting the festivities earlier in the day when Santa arrived by boat and was surprised to see a lobster trap tree built up on one of the sections leading toward the water. I don't recall seeing a lobster trap tree here in years past and wondered if it might be a new addition to this town's traditional parade and other downtown festivities.  As it [...]

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Moon and Star over Marblehead

On Wednesday morning, I left the house at dawn with two goals in mind - capturing the setting full moon over Marblehead and a few images using my new Phantom drone.  I started by crossing the causeway and saw the beautiful full moon in my rear view mirror.  I had charted out its descent the night before but, when faced with the moon that morning, I found myself struggling with the right shooting spot.  I ended up driving down Foster Street, up Harbor Avenue, down Corinthian Lane, back up Nahant Street, down Ocean Avenue and finally deciding on Harvard Street. [...]

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Lunch at the Landing

Today's image comes from exactly two years ago - June 7, 2014 - and a trip aboard the Hannah Glover to visit Childrens Island.  It's only been two years but I can't recall why there was such an early tour of Childrens Island scheduled.  As you can see, we had picture perfect weather to escort us on the short trip to the island. Before we left the State Street Landing, I turned and captured this photo as a beautiful boat pulled up along the docks.  I'm guessing they were there for an early lunch at The Landing restaurant...

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Orange Dinghy in Marblehead Harbor

A simple image to get everyone ready for the weekend and the return of warm weather.  I had spotted this orange dinghy tied up at Tucker's Wharf as we waited to board the Hannah Glover for a trip around Children's Island this past Saturday.  I just couldn't pass up the chance to capture the vibrant orange dinghy against the near black waters of Marblehead Harbor.

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Through the Grates at The Landing

A fun shot to end the week and another from a photo shoot during high tide on Friday, January 3rd after a storm departed Marblehead.  When I arrived at The Landing, I was shocked at how high the water in Marblehead Harbor had risen.  The boats looked like they might have floated onto the small parking lot if not tethered to their moorings. I made my way over to where the lobster boats are loaded and unloaded and was equally surprised to see ocean water coming up through the grates with the occasional waves in the harbor.  I set up [...]

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The Landing Under a Star

Hope no one is tired of fog yet - I was like a kid in a candy store when fog as thick and dense as I can remember seeing in town enveloped Marblehead in early December.  I've shared two images thus far and wanted to add one more today taken at the end of State Street.  I had been shooting up and down State when I decided to head to The Landing and a better angle on the star above. Each year, the crane belonging to Marblehead Trading Company is adorned with a brilliantly lit star that can be seen [...]

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Approaching the Landing

Our journey comes to an end with this photo.  We made our approach to The Landing and I was pleased to see that those clouds remained and continued to make the scene before me stand out as both beautiful and surreal.  There is a lot to take in here from the boat filling up with gas, the lobster men reloading their traps, the crane resting overhead and The Landing restaurant ready to serve a great meal.  I was pleased to see that the main tree had held onto its leaves just long enough for me to get this shot...

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