I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had only learned about Wyman Cove recently and had decided to make my way there on Tuesday, June 17 at sunset to see what compositions might result.  As I reached the end of the path leading to Wyman Cove, I stood and took in this scene before me.  The grass formed a great frame for the scene with private piers poking out to the right.  A wooded section of Salem can be seen beyond the water and the light was reflecting beautifully off the still waters in Salem harbor.

I had to wait a bit for the sun to pass behind the gathered clouds so that its light could be diffused.  As soon as the sun reached a perfect position, this heron walked into my scene and added an unexpected element.  I can appreciate why the Marblehead Cliffs Improvement Association is so proud of Wyman Cove and the views it offers at sunset.