Floating on Sunset at Ladys Cove in Marblehead

Today's image comes from the Summer of 2013 and a project to capture the sunset cannons firing at each yacht club around Marblehead Harbor.  On this particular June evening, I had ventured out to the Dolphine Yacht Club and captured a small rainbow in the sunset sky.  As I finished shooting the rainbow and cannon firing, I turned my head towards Ladys Cove and spotted this small dock at low tide. At the angle of the dock, it appeared to be floating on sunset as boats on their moorings filled the waters as far as the causeway. I asked on [...]

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The Top 10 of 2015 – The Northern Lights and Marblehead Light

At last we reached the #1 spot in the Top 10 of 2015 Countdown and I think you'll agree this image of the aurora borealis (or Northern Lights) was an easy choice.  So many factors have to come into place to see the aurora borealis as far south as Marblehead and it needs to be a pretty spectacular show to shine above the light pollution. On June 22, a 7 kP storm hit at just the right moment (9:50pm) for me to capture the intricate greens and purples of light playing over Cove Beach and setting up a perfect backdrop [...]

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Heron at Sunset at Wyman Cove

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had only learned about Wyman Cove recently and had decided to make my way there on Tuesday, June 17 at sunset to see what compositions might result.  As I reached the end of the path leading to Wyman Cove, I stood and took in this scene before me.  The grass formed a great frame for the scene with private piers poking out to the right.  A wooded section of Salem can be seen beyond the water and the light was reflecting beautifully off the still waters in Salem harbor. I had to wait [...]

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The Road to Wyman Cove

On Tuesday, June 17, I headed out of the house at 7:30pm to chase after some promising clouds and hoped for a solid sunset.  I knew that I wanted to shoot looking out toward Salem Harbor as I hadn't been on that side of Marblehead for a sunset since my outing at Rockett Landing a few weeks earlier.  I also had been told about an area called Wyman Cove that I had never seen on a map and thus had never thought to look for previously. I made my way along the road to Wyman Cove and all the way [...]

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After the Storm – Lovis Cove at High Tide

On Friday, January 3rd, the storm that dropped almost 2 feet of snow and brought with it arctic temperatures had finally departed from Marblehead.  As high tide approached, the remnants of the storm's power could be seen in the astronomically high water levels and I drove around town trying to capture the feel of the storm's cold and the high tide. As I came down Front Street, I found the way to Fort Beach closed off due to flooding but saw this scene before me at Lovis Cove.  I have shot from Lovis Cove on a few occasions and actually [...]

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