Casting Shadows on the Water

I drove around on Saturday trying to figure out this year's foliage situation. The maples had turned early as usual and hadn't put on much of a show. I had spotted some vibrant colors in spots in the past week but not as much as I hoped for. Knowing that peak foliage had taken place on October 17 last year, I figured I had a decent shot of finding some color. Well, I drove around for an hour and just about gave up. Meanwhile, the clouds seemed to hold promise so when I got a text from a friend out [...]

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White Foam and Purple Light

I learned in a post from this same outing back in late July that the proper term for the sea foam that forms at the leading edge of a wave is spume. And yet, I couldn't quite bring myself to call this 'Spume on a Summer Eve'... Enjoy this view of white foam coming ashore on a very calm July evening at Devereux Beach. The sky went through a gamut of colors before finishing off with this purple hue.

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Sunset in the Rain

On Saturday night, I had headed out of the house when the rain began to fall and ended up at Crocker Park just in time to capture a rainbow over Marblehead Harbor. You may have noticed the boats were bathed in golden light...I sure did. Which prompted me to turn around and find this view of Abbot Hall awash in gold during a sunset in the rain. I captured 7 frames over a span of 2 minutes from Crocker Park while holding the camera in one hand and an umbrella in the other. This was the last frame and the [...]

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Endless Sunset

On June 15th one of the best sunsets of the year formed over Marblehead Neck and I happened to have picked the perfect spot from which to capture it. This is the eighth capture I will have shared from that night shooting every which way at Crocker Park. This was just after the peak of light over the Neck which had bathed the water in a golden reflection.  In this image captured a few minutes post-peak, the gold had become a bit more muted and introduced pinks and purples to the edges of the cloud as the sun dipped lower [...]

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Parker Lane Sunset

On Wednesday, September 8, I headed out twice on photo outings and found myself at one of my favorite public ways both times. Parker Lane can be found shortly after crossing the causeway onto Marblehead Neck and is a small lane leading to a bench that overlooks Marblehead Harbor. There used to be stairs leading down to the shore but those washed away a few years ago. In its place is a new ladder bolted to the concrete wall which continues to allow access to the shore during all but high tides. I had visited Parker Lane at 2pm as [...]

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Leading Lines at the Fort

After capturing the view from atop Fort Sewall, I made my way down the stairs and stopped short when I noticed the s-curve of the fence. I decided to use the curve as a leading line which would draw the viewer into the image taking in the new trees planted as part of the renovation before heading off to the distance with boats on their moorings and sunset light in the evening sky.

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In the Nick of Time

I couldn't make up my mind about tonight's sunset and, by the time I did, almost missed the peak light. I had a late start and my first stop at Parker Lane was a no-go with the angle of light being just a bit off. From there I headed around to Foster and then went down to the Pleon's pier where I set up and composed this shot just in the nick of time.  Within a minute, the light had already become more muted. I shot a few more frames but quickly realized the best light had passed and packed [...]

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About Last Night

So last night had all the makings of a great sunset which was even more remarkable due to the paucity of nice sunset light in the past month. And yet, despite the weather predictions and staring up at the sky on my evening walk with the dog, I just couldn't make it out. Thankfully, a quick trip to the 'to be posted' folder reminded me of an equally nice sunset that took place on July 19, 2019 off the Village Street pier. This is the last 'keeper' from that outing and the sixth image I captured that night. Each one [...]

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Heading Home in a Townie

One of my all time favorite outings happened on July 5, 2016 and I still have not finished sharing my 'keepers' from that night. We had incredible fog roll in as the sun set which created an almost cinematic appearance to the harbor. I shot from Chandler Hovey Park in every direction and have shared several favorite images already. Here a lone town class boat heads back into the harbor with the sail catching the light of the setting sun and the fog breaking around the edge of land in the background.

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I was at work today and saw a patient who commented on the awful smell of smoke outside. I hadn't had a chance to step outside until after 5 and, when I did, I realized she was right - the smoke from fires 2,500 miles away on the west coast had reached us along with the acrid smell. I thought of that as I was walking the dog and then stopped to talk to a neighbor but kept glancing west at the setting sun which was a bright red ball in the sky. As soon as I got home, I [...]

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