Taking the Launch from the Eastern Yacht Club

On June 30th, I had gone out to shoot both the sunrise and sunset. For the latter, I had decided on the pier at the Pleon Yacht Club and kept looking in front of me (towards Abbot Hall) and behind me (at the Eastern Yacht Club) as the sun dipped lower in the sky. At this point, the sun was casting a perfect golden glow over the EYC and I captured this frame just as a small group was taking the launch out to their boat moored in the harbor.

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Corker of a Sunset over Fort Beach

This corker of a sunset took shape over Fort Beach twenty minutes after yesterday's image and, the kicker is, that it wasn't even the best light to come out of this evening's outing. I had already shared the incredible pink-purple light that followed this golden glow by five minutes. However, this color was too good not to share as well. At this point in the evening, I was set up on Fort Sewall Lane with a tripod and had watched as kids came and went from the waters below. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the cloud formations seemed [...]

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Splashing Water at Fort Beach

On July 3rd, I chased a promising cloud formation to Fort Beach and started to shoot it from atop Fort Sewall. As the cloud moved and picked up more light from the setting sun, I made my way down Fort Sewall Lane and stopped at this overlook for a bit. I watched as kids headed into the shallow water on a hot summer evening and captured a few frames of them splashing water at each other. The sunset created picture perfect light overhead that reflected nicely in the waters of Fort Beach. I was pretty happy with this shot until [...]

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Sunset Sky over Fort Beach

Thank goodness for good friends and last minute plans or else I would have missed the incredible sunset sky over Fort Beach that erupted last night... I had come home from work just before 6 and touched base with friends who invited me to join them at Crocker Park to take in the Festival of Arts music while eating dinner. My wife and kids are off in Chicago so I was thankful for the invite and a chance to relax outside with good company - Thanks Mabrys!!! I picked up some Howling Wolf and then headed to Crocker where I [...]

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Crocker Park Concerts – Marblehead Festival of Arts

Last night, I flew my drone across Marblehead harbor for this aerial view of the Crocker Park concerts.  I had gone out to shoot the sunset and was torn between heading the Crocker Park to capture it over the Neck while listening to some good music or shooting from the Neck and using the drone to capture the view at Crocker Park. I ended up deciding on the latter and was thankful for the flexibility that the drone offers. I was quite literally shooting sunsets with the real camera while taking photos of the Crocker Park concerts all while taking [...]

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Sunset on the Water

I mentioned in Tuesday's image of sunset captured on Sunday that I had flown my drone to try for aerial views while also taking turns shooting the scene from the ground. This image was taken 10 minutes prior to yesterday's when the sun had just started to drop and painted the horizon in a soft glow. I made sure there were no boats nearby and descended to a little over 50 feet above sea level to capture a view of sunset on the water with Marblehead Light marking the opening of Marblehead harbor. I'm curious which you prefer - this [...]

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Sunday Sunsets at the Lighthouse

Sunday was a very full day with my family enjoying perfect weather on Father's Day. After dinner, I decided to head out to Chandler Hovey Park on the chance of capturing a nice sunset to cap the weekend. I arrived at the start of this show and shot it from the air and ground almost simultaneously. This was my favorite image from the ground and reminded me that there is no better way to end a weekend in Marblehead than enjoying sunday sunsets at the lighthouse.

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Sunset Panorama – Corinthian Lane

I missed a pretty nice sunset the other night and had been disappointed until I looked into my 'to be posted' folder and found this beauty from September 2016. I can still remember the feeling of being out on Corinthian Lane and capturing shot after shot during a sunset that only got stronger with each passing minute. At its peak, I decided to try to capture the full view in this sunset panorama that takes in the whole of the harbor, Marblehead's skyline and parts of the Neck as well.

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Sunset Light over State Street

As the calendar inches closer to June, I took a peak forward at images taken in past Junes. I quickly settled on this image of sunset light over State Street to share today from my 'to be published' folder. I remember going out that night in hopes of good light and deciding to hang out at State Street rather than crossing the causeway to shoot back from the Neck. I was rewarded with a long sunset that arrived in the perfect location in the evening sky. The sunset light added a soft glow to the houses that make up State [...]

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Crocker Park Sunset

Once the storm passed and the rainbow disappeared on Wednesday night, I started looking for sunset compositions. I found myself poorly positioned to capture the best light from my position at Crocker Park and luckily had planned ahead by bringing the drone. I was up and over the waters of Marblehead Harbor in minutes and flew to this position from which to capture a beautiful Crocker park sunset.

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