About Last Night

So last night had all the makings of a great sunset which was even more remarkable due to the paucity of nice sunset light in the past month. And yet, despite the weather predictions and staring up at the sky on my evening walk with the dog, I just couldn't make it out. Thankfully, a quick trip to the 'to be posted' folder reminded me of an equally nice sunset that took place on July 19, 2019 off the Village Street pier. This is the last 'keeper' from that outing and the sixth image I captured that night. Each one [...]

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Heading Home in a Townie

One of my all time favorite outings happened on July 5, 2016 and I still have not finished sharing my 'keepers' from that night. We had incredible fog roll in as the sun set which created an almost cinematic appearance to the harbor. I shot from Chandler Hovey Park in every direction and have shared several favorite images already. Here a lone town class boat heads back into the harbor with the sail catching the light of the setting sun and the fog breaking around the edge of land in the background.

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I was at work today and saw a patient who commented on the awful smell of smoke outside. I hadn't had a chance to step outside until after 5 and, when I did, I realized she was right - the smoke from fires 2,500 miles away on the west coast had reached us along with the acrid smell. I thought of that as I was walking the dog and then stopped to talk to a neighbor but kept glancing west at the setting sun which was a bright red ball in the sky. As soon as I got home, I [...]

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Ocean Glow

I had been watching the sky last night at around 7pm and couldn't decide if we might have a nice sunset and ended up opting to stay in. But then I heard a clap of thunder and checked the radar to find a bright red spot passing just south of Marblehead and jumped in the car.  I drove to Devereux Beach and arrived to find the last light of a rainbow fading. Unfortunately, no lightning appeared as I had hoped. Instead, I stayed until sunset and shot along the beach. I worked on three images when I returned home and [...]

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Sunset Light

In order to see some great sunset light, I had to go back to May in the 'to be posted' archive for this shot captured on May 16th from the Pleon Yacht Club.  The setup for sunset was good with nice cloud cover but I needed a break near the horizon for the sunset light to shine through and, sure enough, at 7:47pm, the sun dipped below the clouds and created a perfect glow that reflected over a small boat in the harbor. It's funny now to see all of these empty moorings that are now completely filled with boats. [...]

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Big Sky over Marblehead Harbor

While I wait for this warm air to break and usher in some interesting clouds and nice sunsets, I figured it was worth looking back to June 15th and a super-wide panorama used to take in the big sky over Marblehead harbor.  I had shared lots of images from this evening at Crocker Park last week and mentioned that I had swapped lenses as the light changed. I also shared one panorama of the harbor at 24mm focal length which is on the wide side of normal. Ten minutes after that golden light panorama and before the purple harbor image, [...]

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Veterans Memorial Causeway

This image comes from May 1st and a break from shooting towards Abbot Hall from across the causeway. I turned back to look at the ocean as the sun set and saw this simple composition with the sign post for the Veterans Memorial Causeway. The soft light reflecting on the calm water of the Atlantic Ocean seemed a perfect accent to the concrete and asphalt of the causeway.

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Purple Afterglow

Maybe the last shot for now from the night of June 15th and the series of images I've shared over the past week.I had another keeper from a bit earlier that I really, really liked but not sure if the scenes (though varied by focal length, light and composition) might be getting a bit repetitive... Anyway, this was the last shot of the night at 8:28pm when the gold faded and soft purple afterglow took shape over Marblehead harbor. Hope you liked this peak into the many, many keepers that can come from a single night out in our incredibly [...]

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Panoramic Gold

And then, six minutes after shooting the benches at Crocker Park, this happened... I had taken the shot of the weathered benches and then turned my head to find that the clouds over Marblehead Neck were perfectly reflecting the gold sunset light. I didn't have time to swap to a wider lens so, instead, I made sure my tripod was perfectly level and then rotated the camera vertically to shoot this as a panoramic image. It took 16 images to capture the full scene from one end of the harbor to the other and I ended up with this perfect [...]

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Sunset Benches at Crocker Park – Also, VOTE TODAY

When I chose Crocker Park for my spot to capture the great light formed by storms to the north and south of us, I kept in mind that the actual sunset to the west might put on a nice show as well. As such, I kept running back up from near the float to check on the cloud cover towards Abbot Hall.  While that area never 'popped', I spotted this arc of light behind the weathered benches at Crocker Park. I had never found a good composition for these benches before but here they seem to shine with the backlighting [...]

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