I’ve shared two images from atop the scaffolding which surrounded Abbot Hall during its much needed recent restoration.  One of the reasons I was able to climb to the top for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was that I was capturing images of the work as it unfolded.  One of the requests was for images of detail work and the new clock face.

On this day, I had waited at the base of the scaffolding from sunrise until the crew had gathered and begun taking their positions throughout the scaffolding.  I climbed up as fast as I was able and reached this level as the sun had cleared some early morning clouds.

I saw this angle with Abbot Hall’s new clock face lit up by the morning sun and started with a tight shot of the face without scaffolding.  I then thought better of that and zoomed out to capture the steel lines as well as some of those detail pieces you can see in the top right corner.

The dynamic light made this an easy favorite despite (or maybe because of) the scaffolding clearly visible.