The Christmas tree bonfire took place tonight on Riverhead Beach in a return of a long-standing tradition.  The bonfire was an annual event that took place on Epiphany but was stopped when the new causeway was built.  As it happened, the last bonfire took place immediately before we moved to Marblehead and I had never had a chance to witness (or photograph) the tradition.

With that in mind, and as this year’s bonfire happened to fall on a Wednesday, I was all set to capture an image of hundreds of trees set aflame.  I started shooting above the crowd but ended up walking along the causeway so that I could photograph the trees with the perspective of the crowd watching from the beach.  As it turned out, a house on the hill overhead had a beautifully lit and large star that added the perfect element to the scene.

Side note: burning Christmas trees is carbon-neutral and seems to be equivalent to chipping them and far better than putting them in a landfill:

Here is the video from my other vantage point: