Uncle Sid and the Horribles Parade

After a one year hiatus and thanks to the National Grand Bank, the annual Horribles Parade was back on the Fourth of July. I used to bring my kids to this every year and they would scamper for thrown candy. They may have aged out of the tradition but I certainly haven't... As has been tradition, Uncle Sid led the parade with music and a patriotic outfit. There is a video on my IG and FB accounts from the parade which I had shared live and then saved to those social accounts if you want a live view of the [...]

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Keeping History Alive in Marblehead

Earlier today, the sky seemed promising for a nice sunset so I made sure to get my gear in the car and headed out a little before 4pm with Crocker Park as my planned destination. I drove down Darling Street then to Front and could not find anywhere to park along the way. I continued to the State Street Landing where parking was plentiful and pulled in just as Glover's Regiment began marching towards me. I hadn't heard anything about an event but with, clouds thickening, quickly pivoted to this as plan B. I changed lenses and set up making [...]

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Festival of Lights at Abbot Hall

This weekend, the Marblehead Festival of Arts had planned an Artisans Marketplace which unfortunately was cancelled due to weather. As part of that, they also commissioned a number of ice sculptures to adorn the upper grounds of Abbot Hall. On Sunday afternoon, I visited with my camera and found a beautiful menorah sculpture lined up in front of Abbot Hall. The only hard part was that this sculpture was about 12 inches from the large flag pole and thus it was nearly impossible to get a proper composition. I ended up having to use my widest lens and held the [...]

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King Kong Escapes to Marblehead

In 2018, Tom Saltsman and his crew brought a dragon to life. In 2019, a ghost ship appeared at their home at 32 Pleasant Street. And in 2020, when we needed this the most, the King of the Jungle...KONG! I had driven down Pleasant Street last week to run a quick errand at Crosby's when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a huge black ape squatting in the front yard on Pleasant Street. I had to stop and gape in awe at the sheer size and incredible detail of the work. This is the fourth year in [...]

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Simpler Days

As we pass six months of social distancing and mask wearing, I found myself drawn to my admittedly few environmental portraits that had yet to be shared. This shot of Glover's Regiment crossing Marblehead harbor as a tribute to simpler days was an instant selection. The shot was captured on December 1, 2018 and features the whole of the Regiment well within our now 6 foot distance. At the time I thought nothing of this shot and put it in the 'to be published' archive having favored some others from the outing. Now it carries so much more weight and [...]

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Abbot and the Harbor Illumination

Two years ago, I decided to capture the annual harbor illumination and fireworks show from atop the causeway. I had on my longest lens and, when the flares were lit, took my time capturing endless scenes of this great tradition. Sadly, the harbor illumination will not be taking place this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and the very prudent attempts to limit gatherings.  At least we can recall the beauty of this tradition with this image of Abbot hall towering over the homes along Cliff Street with the water of Riverhead reflecting the red glow of the flares.

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Lost Carnival

The rain on Friday should have been my first clue but somehow the weekend came and went and it was only near the end of two picture perfect days that I remembered - this should have been the weekend of the carnival. I really love the carnival and have made it a point to shoot it each year. I remember being particularly excited for this year's event as I was told that Cushing Amusement had purchased a new taller ferris wheel that lit up and would have made a great centerpiece of any composition. I'm not sure if it helps [...]

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By Request – The Horribles Parade in Marblehead

I couldn't decide what photos to share for the rest of this week so I asked on my Facebook page. I received several responses - some of which I had already shared such as the old Glover school. But one request came in for the July 4th parade and, as it happened, I had just been looking at this image taken on July 4, 2017. With the warmth evident in the image and the sheer joy of a crowded parade during this time of quarantine, I quickly decided to go with this shot. I had actually put together a page [...]

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Two Feet Apart

On February 1st when I captured Glover's Regiment standing at attention in front of Old Town House, phrases such as 'social distancing' were not even in our vocabulary. For now, let's try to stay as far apart from one another as one of these muskets might reach and look forward to warmer days ahead and hopes of putting social distancing safely behind once more.

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Glover’s March to Old Burial Hill

It's been nearly a month since I last posted an image here (the epiphany bonfire). I had decided to take a break or at least slow down the photography and, as it happens, I chose to do so during the least photogenic winter in the past 10 years... Tonight, however, I headed out before 5pm to join Glover's Regiment annual march from Old Town House to Old Burial Hill on the anniversary of General John Glover's death (from hepatitis I learned tonight). I remembered how difficult it was to shoot the lantern procession and gathering at Old Burial Hill when [...]

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