Celebrating General Glover’s Birthday

I've walked along Glover's Regiment and captured their annual march in honor of General Glover's Birthday on three prior occasions but each year feels like a new experience. This year I was running late so missed the march but made it to Old Burial Hill in time to hear Seamus Daly recount the life of John Glover and then managed one perfect frame of the three volley salute.   My ears are still ringing...

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Epiphany Tree Burning in Marblehead

As has become a tradition since being brought back in 2016, discarded Christmas trees were gathered at Riverhead beach for the Epiphany tree burning. I showed up early and watched as the pile very slowly caught flare after several days of rain and a last minute change to more picturesque snow. Once the pile was properly engulfed, I got to work trying to capture new compositions from across the street and closer up. Here are my three favorites from the night.

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Meretseger – Egyptian Cobra Goddess

In what has quickly become a Halloween tradition, I woke before the sun rose this morning and drove down Pleasant Street to witness Tom Saltsman's latest creation. I arrived to find Meretseger, the Egyptian cobra goddess, resplendent in the morning light and with a carpet of yellow leaves at the base of her coiled body. I found this note posted: Meretseger - Egyptian Cobra-goddess Guarding and protecting the Valley of the Kings She who loves silence Come back and explore what lies within her coils: Sunday, Oct 30 - 3:00pm Monday, Oct 31 - 4:30pm Friday, Nov 4 - 4:30pm

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Sunset Cannon at the BYC

Thursday turned out to be a great day in Marblehead. I had switched my day off and my wife and I were invited out to a short cruise out of the BYC by our friends and former neighbors. We had a quick trip out of the harbor and a faster return (wine glasses were forgotten) but the light was absolutely perfect and I came away with about 20 keepers that I'll have to share in the weeks to come (at least one or two this week too). After the cruise, we ate dinner and I excused myself as a nice [...]

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Fire in the Hole

So this may be my favorite shot from Glover's Regiment firing of the new cannon at Fort Sewall on Independence Day in Marblehead. I had envisioned the shot I ended up sharing first - that of the cannon firing with Marblehead Light visible behind the fire and smoke. But after capture that image, and with the cannon being fired 13 times at noon, I had the opportunity to explore other angles and compositions. This one was captured from directly behind the cannon and I started firing off shots as soon as one member of the Regiment placed a flaming torch [...]

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Fire for Independence

At noon on the Fourth of July, Glover's Regiment fired off the new cannon at Fort Sewall 13 times while reading the Declaration of Independence between volleys. It was a perfectly Marblehead moment and I was lucky to be able to capture the incredible plume of fire from several of the cannon shots. Photographer's note: I'm really glad they fired 13 times as this was maybe number 10. I had overexposed the first two and then there were several after that they were mostly smoke with a very small of fire. This and one other were the best exposed and [...]

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Salute in the Snow – Glover’s Regiment Commemorates his life at Old Burial Hill

As they do every year for well over a hundred years, Glover's Regiment met at the Old Town House and marched up Washington Street to Old Burial Hill where three volleys were fired into the cold night to commemorate the life of General John Glover. This year featured a new recruit carrying a flag reading 'My Appeal to Heaven' as well as a first for me - the Regiment walked around Redd's Pond to reach General Glover's burial site due to the icy conditions along the steps leading up to Old Burial Hill. Here are images from the night: [...]

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Dragon’s Breath

A fun start to the New Year with a fortunate capture during the annual Epiphany tree burning. I normally post first thing in the morning but this seemed more fitting as an evening share... I have shot the Christmas tree bonfire from almost every angle over the past few years since its resumption - slightly above from the Neck Run Cafe, across the water from Red Steps off Cliff Street and way above with my drone. I hadn't yet shot from across the causeway and so that was my destination on Thursday, January 6. I arrived to my spot before [...]

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Epiphany Tree Burning Tonight at Riverhead Beach

The annual Epiphany tree burning, which resumed in 2016 at Riverhead beach, and then took hiatus for 2020/2021 is set to resume again tonight. I did not see anything posted to confirm timing but past years were at 6:30pm. With the current COVID surge, I would strongly recommend mask wearing even though this is an outdoors event. More photos from past events:

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Uncle Sid and the Horribles Parade

After a one year hiatus and thanks to the National Grand Bank, the annual Horribles Parade was back on the Fourth of July. I used to bring my kids to this every year and they would scamper for thrown candy. They may have aged out of the tradition but I certainly haven't... As has been tradition, Uncle Sid led the parade with music and a patriotic outfit. There is a video on my IG and FB accounts from the parade which I had shared live and then saved to those social accounts if you want a live view of the [...]

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