A First Harbor Christmas

For each of the past few years, the First Harbor company has launched their small boat carrying a Christmas tree into the waters of little harbor. I've shot the tree with the moon rising behind it and with snow falling around it. Last night, the rain cleared and a dense fog advisory came out which offered a new vantage point for me to shoot the tree and boat. I arrived to find the dinghy heavily weighted down by rainwater and lucked out with the Peach family showing up to pull the boat ashore and empty a few buckets of water [...]

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Top 10 of 2017 – #1 Christmas at Sea

How can a tree on a small boat be my favorite image of 2017 after passing up sunrises, sunsets, the harbor illumination and two shots of lightning? I'm not sure but there is something perfectly Marblehead in the simplicity of this small boat and decorated tree with a starfish on top floating in Little Harbor on the first snowfall of the season. The title Christmas at Sea is one that I thought summed up those elements quite well. I captured this image on December 9th at 11:33am so the feeling of walking across the slippery rocks in front of the [...]

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Christmas at Sea

What an absolutely picture-perfect first snow of the season!  Once the flakes started falling at 11am, I headed out of the house to capture some scenes around town with freshly falling snow.  My first stop was Little Harbor and a favorite tree floating in the waters just off shore. I parked in front of the Marblehead Lobster Company and headed down to the water's edge from where I played with compositions as this small boat with its beautifully decorated tree floated gently amid the fresh fallen snow.  As the boat turned towards me, the starfish above was displayed and a [...]

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The Lobster Trap Tree

On Saturday morning, I drove my daughter to the State Street landing where she met with her fourth grade Marblehead Cheerleading team to take part in the annual Christmas Walk parade.  I had missed out on shooting the festivities earlier in the day when Santa arrived by boat and was surprised to see a lobster trap tree built up on one of the sections leading toward the water. I don't recall seeing a lobster trap tree here in years past and wondered if it might be a new addition to this town's traditional parade and other downtown festivities.  As it [...]

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Floating in Darkness

I've captured the small boat in First Harbor with its Christmas trees from many angles and in varying light but as soon as I purchased my drone, I knew of one angle that I couldn't wait to try.  In mid-December, I launched the Phantom 4 Pro near the Marblehead Lobster Company and took it to its limit of 400 feet before aiming the camera straight down on this grouping of boats.  With the light having faded, the small Christmas tree stood out among the boats floating in darkness.  I used my car's headlights to help light up the scene. *This [...]

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Lighting up Riverside Drive

It seemed only appropriate to begin 2017 with an aerial image as I expect to share many more views from above Marblehead in the year to come.  On Christmas Eve, I headed out shortly after sunset with a particular image in mind.  Since first seeing the holiday light display on Riverside Drive years ago, I sought out a way to do justice to the annual tradition embraced by the neighbors on this small street.  I had tried to shoot from street level but couldn't fully capture the display and, when I purchased my Phantom 4 Pro drone, knew I had [...]

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A Very Marblehead Christmas

Taking a quick break from my top 10 of 2016 countdown to wish everyone a very merry Marblehead Christmas (and happy Hanukkah which starts tonight as well).  On the morning of December 16, the air temperature was 2F and I had gone out to chase sea smoke.  I had a spot at Fort Sewall picked out as a backup option but first drove by a few spots to see if they offered better vantage points. As I drove along Beacon Street and glanced across Grace Oliver Beach and Dolliber Cove, I spotted a picture perfect Christmas Tree at the end [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #8 – The Christmas Tree Bonfire

We moved to Marblehead in May 2008 just as the causeway was being re-built and, as such, had never witnessed the annual Christmas Tree bonfire tradition.  On January 6, the tradition was resumed and I was awed by the site of the incredible bonfire and, even more, the gathered crowd reflected in the flame light.  Here is #8 in my Top 10 of 2016 countdown - make sure you visit Riverhead Beach on Friday, January 6 for the 2017 edition of the bonfire.

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Marching in the Christmas Walk Parade

This weekend, the annual Marblehead Christmas Walk took place and, as an added bonus, my daughter was marching in the Christmas Walk parade for the first time.  I decided to set up along State Street hoping to capture images of Glover's Regiment and then her cheerleading group on this timeless street with the star hanging from a crane near the Landing.  I managed a few shots that I was happy with and then ran up State and across Washington Street to try one more shot of Glover's Regiment marching in front of Old Town House. As luck would have it, [...]

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Marblehead Christmas Walk

The Marblehead Christmas Walk is this weekend and I thought I would share this image of Glover's Regiment walking down State Street at the conclusion of the 2011 parade to spread the word.  If you are new in town or haven't participated in the Marblehead Christmas Walk festivities, make sure you head to historical downtown this weekend. This year marks the 46th version of the annual event sponsored by the business community.  Tonight, there will be a Tree Lighting at the National Grand Bank lot from 6-7pm as well as a lobster trap tree lighting in front of Mud Puddle [...]

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