Lighting Up Little Harbor

Taking a short break from the 'This Day in Marblehead' series is this image captured this morning in Little Harbor. I had woken at 5 with the anticipation of the first snowfall of the season and found a nice light coating of white in our front and backyard. After a leisurely hour, I headed out to the Little Harbor Lobster Company in the hopes of capturing the First Harbor boat with its annual Christmas tree display. I realized the other day that I had been photographing this scene since 2014 and still recall those early days when the lights might [...]

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Epiphany Tree Burning in Marblehead

As has become a tradition since being brought back in 2016, discarded Christmas trees were gathered at Riverhead beach for the Epiphany tree burning. I showed up early and watched as the pile very slowly caught flare after several days of rain and a last minute change to more picturesque snow. Once the pile was properly engulfed, I got to work trying to capture new compositions from across the street and closer up. Here are my three favorites from the night.

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Christmas Snow on First Harbor

After two inches of rain and a late night/early morning rescue of the small dory by its owner Tom, the temperatures cooled just enough for a some snow to beginning falling over First Harbor. I spotted the first flakes a little after 7:30am and headed out hoping to capture a view of the small boat with a Christmas tree surrounded by snow. I started off shooting from the far left edge with the dory against the ocean but found the snowflakes were lost against the grey sky. I shifted over (after getting my foot soaked!) and ended up atop the [...]

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A Light in Little Harbor

Last Wednesday, I visited Little Harbor at dawn hoping to capture the First Harbor Christmas tree boat with a backdrop of color in the sky. I started shooting at water level but, as the dawn broke, found the angle from the parking lot better for capturing the colors of the rising sun. However, when going through images, this tight grouping of boats immediately caught my eye and I had to work on it. The First Harbor boat casts a golden light in Little Harbor with Marblehead Light's green beacon visible through the trees but also reflecting just to the left [...]

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December Mornings in Little Harbor

It's been a while since I've been out to capture a sunrise let alone come home and post the image soon after. With a predicted storm, I had checked the sunrise prediction and gave myself 50:50 odds of a decent showing. Combine that with the annual First Harbor Company Christmas tree being out in the water and I made sure to get up to capture this morning's view of Little Harbor. I didn't see much color at first but then the dawn broke and I made some quick adjustments in location and camera settings to keep focus on the small [...]

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Christmas in the Cupola

It's a bit late for a Christmas post but when I received a message about a beautiful Christmas tree in the cupola of the Jeremiah Lee mansion, I knew I had to find a way to capture it before it was taken down. I arrived on Washington Street prepared with all of my lenses as well as the drone imagining the angles I might have to play with to capture the tree. I started with the drone and lucked out with some nice winter light on Abbot Hall to get the shoot off to a nice start. From there I [...]

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White Christmas

It won't happen this year with wind and rain in the forecast but I've been meaning to share this image of the tree at the end of a pier off Crowninshield Road taken in 2017. It was one of those picture-perfect snowfalls and I lined up the shot of the tree with Doliber Cove and then lucked out with a seagull flying by. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Blanket of Snow – Christmas at Sea

On December 9, 2017, I captured falling snow on the First Harbor company's Christmas Tree in a boat floating in Marblehead's Little Harbor. That image quickly became a personal favorite - so much so that I never went back to work on images taken the very next morning after the snow had stopped falling.  The timing of the snow that year was perfect - allowing me to capture the falling flakes in mid-day and then the Christmas tree with a blanket of snow at sunrise the next morning. Unfortunately, the timing and predicted severity of today's snow storm meant that [...]

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Little Harbor Dawn

The light really doesn't get much better than this view of Little Harbor at dawn... On Saturday, December 12th, I woke before the dawn and headed down to Little Harbor hoping the old adage 'red sky in morning, sailor take warning' might prove true with predictions of strong rains later in the day. I arrived to find a mostly empty harbor and the first hint of light in the sky. I started shooting when the lights turned on in one of the working boats headed out for the day and kept at it as the sky brightened. Twenty minutes after [...]

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Christmas in Harbor

The now annual tradition of the First Harbor Company placing a Christmas tree in a boat to float in the harbor has drawn a number of photographers so far this year. I was among three shooting away on Saturday morning but have to admit this was the last shot I had taken on this day. I arrived in front of the Little Harbor Lobster Company before dawn in the hopes of capturing the small boat and its tree lit up but the lights weren't on and so I decided to wait for dawn. When dawn broke, the boat almost became [...]

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