This was the first stop I made last Wednesday as a storm passed Marblehead and left behind incredible light.  I had seen this scene develop from the comforts of my home thanks to the First Harbor webcam and quickly jumped into my car and headed down to this area known to locals as Barnegat.

At this point, the sky overhead was still grey and the best light could be seen close to the horizon and over Gerry Island with Marblehead Light in the distance.  I parked near Marblehead Lobster Company and explored a few compositions before deciding on this one.  With the tide being low, much of the boat ramp in Barnegat was visible and I centered the tripod knowing that I would later crop this as a square image.

It was only yesterday that I learned Marblehead Lobster had closed its doors but there are rumors that a new owner may continue the tradition of a wonderful seafood spot in this corner of Marblehead.