Barnegat Blue Moon

I didn't have much hope for capturing tonight's blue moon. I had started off at Fort Sewall (my first time since they reopened the site) and had just decided that the low lying haze would block any hope of a good moonrise.  I headed over to the Little Harbor Lobster Company's lot and parked with a view of little harbor and waited just in case. Just as the blue hour hit with a deep blue sky, the August blue moon (the third of four full moons in a season) rose in the clearing of trees over Gerry Island. I scrambled [...]

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Looking toward Barnegat

A few weeks ago, a picture perfect sky dotted with cumulous clouds passed over Marblehead and I decided to fly my Phantom 4 Pro to take advantage of the conditions.  I had shot over Castle Rock and the Neck earlier in the day and returned home to recharge batteries and grab a quick bite.  As the clouds were still plentiful at 4:00pm, I headed out again - this time to historic downtown. I was trying to decide an a location from which to fly as I drove down Washington Street and pulled into the Old North Church parking lot which [...]

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Black Joe’s Pond

I've only captured two images of Black Joe's Pond in all these years of shooting landscapes in Marblehead and, as soon as I purchased my aerial camera (Phantom 4 Pro), I knew I would try to find a new angle on this great pond.  As it happened, we had picture perfect conditions on a recent Sunday in May and I headed out to Gingerbread Hill to scout out possible locations.  I ended up parking along Norman Street and then took off over dense foliage to find an interesting composition. Once I was up in the air, I found too many different viewpoints [...]

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The Boat Ramp in Barnegat

This was the first stop I made last Wednesday as a storm passed Marblehead and left behind incredible light.  I had seen this scene develop from the comforts of my home thanks to the First Harbor webcam and quickly jumped into my car and headed down to this area known to locals as Barnegat. At this point, the sky overhead was still grey and the best light could be seen close to the horizon and over Gerry Island with Marblehead Light in the distance.  I parked near Marblehead Lobster Company and explored a few compositions before deciding on this one. [...]

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