Gerry island

A Day Late at Little Harbor

I recently purchased a subscription for a service that was supposed to help predict nice sunsets and sunrises based on a wealth of meteorological data. It had been right once in the two months since I purchased it and I was growing increasingly frustrated with it until Friday night when I watched from home as the sky exploded in color. My frustration led me to checking weather conditions for myself last night and I found that conditions were somewhat promising for sunset so I hopped in the car and drove. The high clouds that favor a nice sunset initially showed [...]

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Christmas Snow on First Harbor

After two inches of rain and a late night/early morning rescue of the small dory by its owner Tom, the temperatures cooled just enough for a some snow to beginning falling over First Harbor. I spotted the first flakes a little after 7:30am and headed out hoping to capture a view of the small boat with a Christmas tree surrounded by snow. I started off shooting from the far left edge with the dory against the ocean but found the snowflakes were lost against the grey sky. I shifted over (after getting my foot soaked!) and ended up atop the [...]

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Storm Break

Overnight, a strong storm swept through Marblehead bringing rain and very high winds. The rain passed just as a high tide approached at 11am which, combined with the full moon, made for some potential flooding around town. It was actually the Code Red call warning the causeway would be closing that prompted me to get out the door and explore town. I started off at the State Street Landing and watched as waves crested over the concrete barrier along Tuckers Wharf. From there, I moved on to Doaks Lane and the stairs overlooking Little Harbor from where I was able [...]

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Top 10 of 2021 – #2 – Remembering the Sunrise

This might be a first - my top 2 images were taken within 24 hours of each other. This sunrise was captured on the morning of April 15 and my #1 favorite of the year was taken at sunset the night before. At this point in the year, I hadn't shot a sunrise in over 3 months (which seems weird now as I have been capturing images of the dawn for the past few weeks). I decided to head to the end of Doak's Lane on this particular morning as the low tide and predicted location of the rising sun [...]

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Barnegat Blue Moon

I didn't have much hope for capturing tonight's blue moon. I had started off at Fort Sewall (my first time since they reopened the site) and had just decided that the low lying haze would block any hope of a good moonrise.  I headed over to the Little Harbor Lobster Company's lot and parked with a view of little harbor and waited just in case. Just as the blue hour hit with a deep blue sky, the August blue moon (the third of four full moons in a season) rose in the clearing of trees over Gerry Island. I scrambled [...]

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Remembering the Sunrise

It's been over three months since I last woke up in the pre-dawn hours to chase a sunrise. For the most part, the last month has offered little in the way of good light to make up for any lost sleep. However, I noticed that I missed a nice sunrise this past weekend which made me want to look back and see just how long it had been since I had last shot the sun rising up from the horizon. This outing on April 15 turned out to be one of my more memorable sunrise shoots. I came away with [...]

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First Dawn – Little Harbor

So technically not really 'first dawn' which would imply January 1st but it seemed like a nice play on words with First Harbor and dawn... This was captured on the morning of April 15th when I lucked out with the second nice dawn outing in a row. I shared one image earlier of Gerry Island after the sun broke the horizon but this one was taken about 5 minutes earlier. I had zoomed out to 24mm to capture the whole of Little Harbor with Gerry Island as well as the edge of Brown's Island on the left and the houses [...]

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Wake Up Call

Two great sunrises in a row! So I wasn't entirely sure if it was worth setting an alarm for 5:30am again. I had checked my weather apps and saw some cloud cover predicted but then I recalled that age-old saying 'Red Sky in Morning, Sailors Take Warning' and figured, with rain coming later today, it was worth it. I woke and headed out with a single destination in mind - Doaks Lane. With the tide low, I knew the natural land bridge to Gerry Island would be at least somewhat visible and serve as a great leading line to the [...]

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Little Harbor Dawn

The light really doesn't get much better than this view of Little Harbor at dawn... On Saturday, December 12th, I woke before the dawn and headed down to Little Harbor hoping the old adage 'red sky in morning, sailor take warning' might prove true with predictions of strong rains later in the day. I arrived to find a mostly empty harbor and the first hint of light in the sky. I started shooting when the lights turned on in one of the working boats headed out for the day and kept at it as the sky brightened. Twenty minutes after [...]

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First Harbor Dawn

I just couldn't wait until Monday to start sharing images from this morning's beautiful dawn over first harbor. I arrived at 6:30am and watched as the light began to break over the horizon. As it did, the captain of Stormy Weather turned on the lights to get ready to motor out for the morning. With the lights on the boat reflecting in the still waters and that small Christmas tree in the First Harbor boat floating on its own, I had an instant favorite. You can just make out the crescent moon in the sky but clouds shifted over it [...]

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