For those who have followed this site for a while, you may recall I had a theme called From the Rooftops in which I sought out public and private rooftops from which to shoot Marblehead in a different perspective.  As the rooftop series came to an end, I started to follow the development of drones from various companies which offered the potential for capturing views of Marblehead from above.  The first few generations of drones left much to be desired from a photography perspective but, recently, DJI announced the Phantom 4 Pro which ticked off every single box I had in mind.

I preordered the drone and it arrived yesterday.  I quickly tried it out in front of my house and then went out before sunset for the first ‘real’ shoot.  I started off at Devereux Beach and the causeway but the drone didn’t seem to like that area (too much interference) so I crossed to Riverhead Beach.  There I happened upon another photographer Rick Ashley out with his dog and he played spotter while we both stared at the screen giving us a live view over Marblehead.

The sunset never really developed but I still came away with a few shots I was happy with.  This is the first I’ll share of Cliff Street and the houses beyond with Abbot Hall clearly visible standing tall above the town.  I’m not sure how often the conditions will allow me to explore these aerial shots and I’m not quite ready to put down the ‘real’ camera yet but there will definitely be more to come from…Wednesdays over Marblehead.

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