Crocker Park Sunset

Once the storm passed and the rainbow disappeared on Wednesday night, I started looking for sunset compositions. I found myself poorly positioned to capture the best light from my position at Crocker Park and luckily had planned ahead by bringing the drone. I was up and over the waters of Marblehead Harbor in minutes and flew to this position from which to capture a beautiful Crocker park sunset.

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Marblehead Carnival by the Sea

The Marblehead Carnival is here! Starting tonight, bring the kids to Devereux Beach and enjoy the annual tradition of rides and games at the carnival by the sea. As it does every year, the carnival invariably brings with it rain. It looks like this year's forecast only calls for passing storms tonight and clear skies for the rest of the weekend. This year may be a lot busier too with our right whales visiting and attracting people to Devereux Beach. I have been photographing the carnival since moving to Marblehead ten years ago. Here are some of my favorites:

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Race for the Jackson Cup in Marblehead Harbor

This weekend, the 20th annual Jackson Cup race took place inside Marblehead Harbor. The invitational hosted by the Boston Yacht Club is an event I look forward to photographing each year with views of the one-design boats and their colorful sails crossing familiar landmarks inside our harbor. I began photographing on Saturday with my long lens from a position on Parker Lane before returning to the car to launch the drone for some overhead shots.  This image with a tight grouping of the boats under picture perfect skies with Abbot Hall and Crocker Park in the distance was a quick [...]

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A Right Whale comes to Marblehead

On Saturday, I was attending my son's baseball game when I got a call from a number in Lynn I did not recognize. I answered and discovered it was someone I had interacted with before about images on my Wednesdays in Marblehead site calling to inform me there was a whale just off the causeway hanging out in the Atlantic Ocean. Figuring the 12 year old was 'stuck' at Gatchells for another hour, I quickly jumped in the car and drove across the causeway to Ocean Avenue. I arrived to find a few folks who had been watching the whale [...]

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Spring Evening over Marblehead

Yesterday, I shared a close up image of the cherry blossoms at Harris Street cemetery.  Only a few minutes earlier, I had been flying my drone overhead exploring vantage points and compositions to showcase the first hint of flowering trees on this spring evening over Marblehead. I flew the Phantom 4 Pro inside the cemetery at 10-20 feet above the ground and then explored at 50, 100 and finally 200 feet up in the air.  It was from this spot that I was able to highlight the pink flowers of the cherry blossoms as the first sign of spring.  I [...]

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Sunset over the Causeway

For much of April, I have found little in the way of good light or interesting compositions as we wait for warm weather and the trees to begin flowering.  I had decided to try my luck on Friday April 6th with a sunset that seemed to hold promise with great clouds following me all the way home. As luck would have it, the clouds disappeared as the sun set and I quickly moved to plan B which meant getting the drone out for some more intimate images. Rather than fly 400 feet straight up in the air and shoot the birds [...]

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Frozen Marblehead Harbor

As the days (slowly) warm, I didn't want to miss the chance to share images from this arctic winter including the incredible aerial view of a frozen Marblehead harbor.  This image was captured in early January after almost two weeks of sub-20 F temperatures led to a nearly complete freeze of the harbor (at least to the BYC/Landing). It never froze enough to support weight as the harbor did in the 70s but the contrast of the iced harbor against the deep blue of the Atlantic ocean on this morning made for a compelling image.

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Looking Down on Historic Downtown Marblehead

As I flew over historic downtown Marblehead on the Wednesday morning after a blizzard, I couldn't help but stop at the intersection of Washington and Hooper to take in the view.  I had an image of St Michaels steeple in mind from this intersection but, with a slight adjustment, was able to take in the Lee Mansion, St Michaels, Grace and numerous examples of classic architecture from this one spot in the sky. The gentle curve of Washington Street and the stark contrast between the black asphalt of the road and undisturbed snow from the blizzard made for a perfect [...]

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Abbot Hall Caked with Snow

That was quite the mid-March storm with blizzard conditions and over a foot of snow having fallen throughout the day on Tuesday. Having seen the snow stick to everything it touched, I had a few ideas for the morning and woke before sunrise to drive downtown. The roads were well plowed but still a bit tough to drive on and there was little space to park downtown while leaving rooms for the plows to finish working. I found a spot in front of Coffey's and took out the drone first to scout out the sunrise. I flew straight up and [...]

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Pond Skating on New Years Day

I have had this image of pond skating at Redd's in mind for years and was so thrilled to have finally captured it. In 2010, Vincent Laforet captured an aerial image of skaters at Rockefeller center from a helicopter and what struck me about the shot was the shadows telling the story of what each skater was doing. I considered hiring my own helicopter or plane for a similar image over Redds Pond but that held too many complications and variables.  A few years ago, drones came on the market but the early ones had cameras better suited for video [...]

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