Spring in Marblehead – Cherry Blossoms on Washington Street

We were away last week during the school vacation having decided to drive down to Washington, DC and explore the city where we lived for several years before moving to Marblehead.  As we drove down, the trees filled in and flowers began to appear on trees.  DC itself was in full Spring bloom and pollen literally caked our car within a few days. On our return, I drove around town looking for signs of Spring in Marblehead.  I was disappointed to find my favorite patch of cherry blossoms had not started to bloom but found this tree along Washington Street [...]

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Spring has Sprung in Marblehead

I think we can safely say that Spring has sprung in Marblehead.  I was sitting at home on this Wednesday as rain fell outside and saw sunlight suddenly stream through the window as the rain slowed.  I looked at my wife and she quickly said 'go ahead' at which point I grabbed my gear and headed out hoping for a rainbow. I drove to Riverhead beach and saw a very faint rainbow form as soon as I parked.  I flew the Phantom 4 Pro across the harbor to find a solid composition but the rainbow never fully formed.  Instead, I happened upon [...]

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Historic Downtown Marblehead on a late March evening

This view of historic downtown Marblehead was taken just before the full panorama I shared on Monday.  The clouds in the late March sky were reflecting the colors of sunset while I positioned the Phantom 4 Pro almost 200 feet above Union Street and composed this image to include three of Marblehead's familiar steeples - St. Michaels, Grace Community Church and Old North Church. It takes a while to get your bearings in these aerial views of historic downtown Marblehead but, once you do, you can spot some familiar stores along Washington street in the left lower section, Crosby's in [...]

Abbot Hall towering over Front Street

After exploring the harbor, I turned around and flew across Crocker Park to Front Street and took in this view of Abbot Hall from 120 feet above the ground.  The sun was momentarily shaded by thin clouds and I took advantage of the softened sunset light to capture this image of Abbot Hall towering over Front Street with its historic homes having stood the test of time for hundreds of years. If you look to the left of Abbot Hall, you can clearly see the familiar silhouette of the Boston skyline.  One aspect of exploring these aerial views of Marblehead that [...]

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Working Boats and Golden Light

Last Wednesday, I headed to Crocker Park with the Phantom 4 Pro in hand to capture sunset views from one of my favorite spots in town. I started off by flying over the working boats moored in an otherwise empty Marblehead Harbor and had reached this spot 40 feet above the ground when the sun broke through the clouds and lit Marblehead Neck in beautiful golden light. If you look closely, you can spot the anticrepuscular rays converging behind the Corinthian Yacht Club and there are subtle hints of the golden light reflecting in the still waters of the harbor [...]

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Old Town Sunset – Aerial Panorama of historic downtown Marblehead

On Wednesdays, March 29th, the dense clouds covering Marblehead for most of the day finally began to break as the day neared its end.  I hadn't flown my Phantom 4 Pro in a few weeks due to rain, clouds and otherwise terrible lighting.  When I finally made it up in the air, I knew the lighting on this night was going to be pretty special and ended up with a spectacular view of an Old Town sunset. I explored a few vantage points as I flew over Marblehead and fought the building wind as I chased the light.  I found [...]

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The Causeway from Above

The week wouldn't be complete without a view of the causeway from above thanks to the newest camera in my arsenal, the Phantom 4 Pro.  I flew over the causeway in early December and composed this image to highlight the ultimate purpose of this thin band of land - to separate the Atlantic ocean in all of its power from the still and protected waters of Marblehead harbor. You can see the waves lapping against the Atlantic side of the causeway and appreciate the power that comes to bear on this section of land with each storm.

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Last Light on Marblehead Neck

On March 8th, I captured one of my favorite aerial images of Marblehead Neck while the sun was still quite high in the sky.  Afterward, I flew around the Neck and finally off the coast of Chandler Hovey Park as the sun set and cast its last light on Marblehead Neck. The most exciting aspect of capturing aerial images of Marblehead is the change in perspective which, in this image, shows the proximity of the Neck to the mainland and Boston's beautiful skyline in the distance.

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Four Hundred Feet over Marblehead Neck

I just couldn't wait to share tonight's sunset over Marblehead Neck.  I had a small window to shoot tonight but the building clouds which began to appear around 4pm made me certain that the sunset would be worth chasing.  I stopped home after dropping my kids at their afternoon activities and headed out with an idea for an aerial panorama of Marblehead Neck. I was a bit worried as the winds would gust on the ground and I received a few warnings from the drone as I took it up to four hundred feet over Marblehead Neck from the launch [...]

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Golden Light on Gales Head

In mid-February, I took my Phantom 4 Pro drone to Redd's Pond and explored the area surrounding once overhead.  I had previously admired the outcropping of land on which Fort Sewall can be found but seeing it from the air gave it a different perspective.  As it turns out, this outcropping is/was known as Gales Head and I was thrilled with the light illuminating that section of land to highlight it in this image. From an earlier question on my Facebook page, I learned that Ambrose Gale (1630-1708) lived at 17 Franklin Street and had a fishing business located on [...]

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