Fall in the Air over Seaside Park

On Sunday, I watched the sky fill with clouds in the morning but then show signs of breaking up in the afternoon.  I had to pick up my son on the Neck and so I threw the drone in the car and stopped at Seaside Park after picking him up and forcing him to join me. I was surprised to find another drone at the park - this one was a racing model flown by a boy with first person view goggles on.  I was a bit jealous as I set my much larger drone down and flew it in [...]

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Sunset Flight over Marblehead

What do you do when the sky explodes in color all around but you're at home without enough time to drive to a good spot? Fly 400 feet straight up and capture this incredible view over the Atlantic and Boston skyline! I arrived home a little after 5:30 this evening and caught a quick glance at the sky wondering if the clouds might break in time for sunset.  I didn't think much more of it as I sat in my office until I saw a bit of light hit the tall tree across the street and checked the webcams around [...]

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Friday Night Lights – Marblehead High School Football

With conditions for the Marblehead High School football game, I grabbed my drone and headed out to capture an aerial image of Friday Night lights.  This was one of many aerial images I had hoped to capture when I purchased the Phantom 4 Pro but had to wait for perfect conditions (as well as an FAA waiver) to allow me to realize it. The Marblehead Magicians were facing off against Gloucester in a home game on a warm fall evening and would go on to win this game and continue their undefeated season.  I showed up five minutes before kickoff [...]

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Catching some Rays at the BYC

I've had a backlog of images waiting to be processed and finally found some time to go through them this week.  Yesterday, I happened upon this one that I had nearly forgotten about from early August.  I had gone out that day intending to fly the drone in a few new spots around town.  I began shooting over Barnegat and Little Harbor before ending up at Crocker Park. As the sun began to set, I moved over the water to explore the views and found that when I hovered over the BYC, I could capture the sun descending directly behind [...]

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Abbot Hall and Historic Downtown Marblehead

Today's image came about as a lucky accident as I had another image in mind when I launched the drone over historic downtown Marblehead.  Taking care to keep vertical over the launch area and keep the drone in site the entire time, I found Abbot Hall quite literally shining below me with all of 'Old Town' spread out beyond. I could not have asked for better light and lucked out with the angle of the late Summer sun shining on the red brick facade of this beautiful building.

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Sunset Sky over Marblehead Harbor

Last week, I shared an image taken by drone of Chandler Hovey Park from ten feet above the water and the green marker leading into harbor.  Today's image comes from a shot two minutes and 390 feet higher as I took the drone up as far as I could and captured the incredible view of Marblehead Neck, the causeway and a full harbor under a picture perfect sunset sky. The otherwise clear conditions allowed for endless visibility and you can just make out the familiar Boston skyline at the horizon line to the right of the causeway.  With the remnants [...]

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Catching the Sunset at Chandler Hovey Park

As the sun set on September 10th, I quickly flew my drone back from its spot over the green buoy at the mouth of the harbor to Chandler Hovey Park.  I returned just in time to angle the camera toward the familiar landmark of Marblehead Light and lucked out with a slight gust of wind that set the flag flying in the air. It wasn't until I returned home that I discovered the best part of the image - silhouettes of people enjoying and catching the sunset themselves.  As you look around the scene, you'll find a number of silhouettes [...]

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Mid-Harbor Sunset

On Monday, I shared an image of the sunset over Marblehead Neck and mentioned having chased another sunset a couple of days before.  On Friday, September 8, the sky seemed to hold promise with a buildup of thin clouds overhead and a break at the horizon which promised some nice light to reflect off the high clouds.  I decided to head out to the Neck and brought both drone and camera with me. I ended up at the pier of the Pleon Yacht Club and shot with both camera and drone as the sun set and the colors took hold [...]

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Sunset Views from the Mouth of the Harbor

For the past few nights, I have been chasing clouds and sunsets over Marblehead and been less than thrilled with the results.  I returned home from a barbecue at the Marblehead Community Charter Public School at 6:30pm eyeing the sky all the way home and made a beeline for Chandler Hovey Park as soon as I could.  The clouds held promise and the sun was descending over a cloudless patch of sky but, as I drove, I realized the angles were all wrong for shooting from the Neck.  As luck would have it, I had the drone with me and [...]

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