Cliff Street

Abbot and the Harbor Illumination

Two years ago, I decided to capture the annual harbor illumination and fireworks show from atop the causeway. I had on my longest lens and, when the flares were lit, took my time capturing endless scenes of this great tradition. Sadly, the harbor illumination will not be taking place this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and the very prudent attempts to limit gatherings.  At least we can recall the beauty of this tradition with this image of Abbot hall towering over the homes along Cliff Street with the water of Riverhead reflecting the red glow of the flares.

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The Start of Something New…Wednesdays over Marblehead

For those who have followed this site for a while, you may recall I had a theme called From the Rooftops in which I sought out public and private rooftops from which to shoot Marblehead in a different perspective.  As the rooftop series came to an end, I started to follow the development of drones from various companies which offered the potential for capturing views of Marblehead from above.  The first few generations of drones left much to be desired from a photography perspective but, recently, DJI announced the Phantom 4 Pro which ticked off every single box I had [...]

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A Shining Star and Abbot Hall

Every December, a shining star appears atop a crane in Marblehead as one of many local markers of the holiday season.  I've shot this star from State Street, the causeway and Chandler Hovey Park trying to find interesting compositions.  One year, I found a spot where the star seemed to hang over Abbot Hall tower... This year, I ventured out on a very mild mid-December evening as a nice pink sunset formed over Marblehead Harbor.  I ended up walking the length of the causeway and stopped when I reached this point.  The position of the shining star to the right [...]

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Cliff Street Houses and Abbot Hall at Sunrise

Can you believe this was the scene that I woke to on May 6, 2012?  I had gotten up early that day hoping to catch the moonset but the clouds at the horizon made that a wasted effort.  However, I was able to capture a number of images in the blue hour that I've shared previously and this one which has been sitting in the queue for a while. I've shared similar compositions to this on prior images.  The three stately homes that reside on Cliff Street make for an awesome subject - especially when you reach that point along [...]

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The Sun Rises on Cliff Street and the Harbor

A few days after shooting the houses on Cliff Street at sunset, I woke in time for a sunrise.  That ended up being an incredible site to behold and was featured several months ago (link).  When the sun finished its initial ascent, I drove out to see if I could capture the vibrant orange sky against the now familiar composition of the houses on Cliff Street with Abbot hall behind them.  This is an almost perfect mimic of the view from sunset and shows the incredible difference morning and evening light can make.

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Kayakers out for an Evening Row

Yesterday's post featured a close up of the houses on Cliff Street at sunset.  As I composed that shot, two kayakers started out from Riverhead beach and made their way to the waters in the foreground.  They then took a few minutes rest and I promptly recomposed my shot to include them in the frame.  I liked the sense of scale they offer to the image as well as the slight change in perspective.  I really need to rent a kayak and try this myself next Summer.

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The Sun Sets on Cliff Street

In early Summer, I began exploring the area around the causeway.  I spent the day walking along the causeway and back on the rocks below trying to find interesting compositions.  I noticed that Abbot hall kept peaking through at various points and noted some of my favorites.  One night in early June, the sunset seemed to hold promise and I drove out to the causeway.  I grabbed this close-up view featuring three beautiful houses on Cliff Street with Abbot Hall visible over their roofs. I have another favorite from this night that I'll post tomorrow...

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