Taking a quick break from my top 10 of 2016 countdown to wish everyone a very merry Marblehead Christmas (and happy Hanukkah which starts tonight as well).  On the morning of December 16, the air temperature was 2F and I had gone out to chase sea smoke.  I had a spot at Fort Sewall picked out as a backup option but first drove by a few spots to see if they offered better vantage points.

As I drove along Beacon Street and glanced across Grace Oliver Beach and Dolliber Cove, I spotted a picture perfect Christmas Tree at the end of a pier along Crowninshield Road.  I drove to a good vantage spot and composed this image of the lit tree at the end of the pier surrounded by sea smoke lit by the early dawn light.  The final image seemed to capture the sense of a very Marblehead Christmas.