sea smoke

Above the Smoke

Continuing with the morning of January 15th, when the sun rose behind Tinker's Island it created incredible backlight on the smoke rising from the Atlantic Ocean. Once the sun had risen high enough in the sky, I tried to capture more images of the smoke coming off of each wave as it approached the shore. Here I lucked out with a lone bird whose feathers are backlit by the risen sun.

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Smoke Washing Ashore

As luck would have it, we had another very cold morning in Marblehead on January 15th and I decided to capture the sea smoke as dawn broke behind Tinker's Island. Once the sun rose high enough, I turned the camera to capture smoke washing ashore with each wave and hitting the rocks along the causeway. The arctic air created interesting heat diffraction in sections of the image along the lamp posts.

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Hint of Smoke at Marblehead Light

When temperatures drop, I tend to hit Front Street in the hopes of capturing sea smoke surrounding Chandler Hovey Park. Unfortunately with the high winds on the morning of January 11th, there was only a hint of smoke to be seen and captured on this arctic morning. I ended up liking my shot of the smoke around Cormorant Rock more so I posted that one and saved this in the 'to be published folder' until today.

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Arctic Sunrise over Tinkers Island

What a morning - and I thought it was cold on Tuesday... So on Tuesday the 11th, I had gone out before work to capture sea smoke and found just a hint of it to be found from along Front Street. With this morning's projected temperatures to be even lower, I thought I had a better chance despite the predictions for high winds. This time I headed for Devereux Beach knowing that the sun would rise over Tinker's Island and serve to backlight the rising steam from the Atlantic ocean. I arrived at 7am and dound some really nice sea [...]

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Hint of Smoke at Cormorant Rock

On January 11, Marblehead was predicted to see temperatures in the single digits and so I made sure to head to Front Street in the hopes of capturing some sea smoke. While temperature is a key factor in seeing mist rising from the relatively warm ocean water, wind is another key element. On this morning, the wind was strong which greatly diminished the presence of smoke. I found the highest amounts around Cormorant Rock and waited until the sun rose above the cloud/fog bank to light up the smoke. With the green channel marker bobbing in the water, I timed [...]

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Sea Smoke – Remastered

Just received a print order for one of my all time favorite images of sea smoke surrounding Marblehead Light and couldn't pass up a chance to remaster this shot from 2012. Here is the new version that I thought would be a perfect share as we face 90+ degree temperatures...again. 10 year retrospective coming tomorrow...

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Smoke in the Harbor – Eastern Yacht Club

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had gone out on an arctic morning near the end of December 2017 to capture sea smoke and was surprised to find it rising off the waters inside Marblehead Harbor. Usually the phenomenon is better seen in the open water near Chandler Hovey aided by backlighting of the morning sun. Here is the view of the Eastern Yacht Club from my spot along Front Street.

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Smoke in the Harbor – Corinthian Yacht Club

One year ago on a truly arctic morning at the end of December, I made my way to Front Street and captured sea smoke inside Marblehead Harbor. Since moving to Marblehead in 2008, I've been fascinated by the phenomenon of sea smoke - literal steam coming off the ocean when an arctic air mass lies above the water.  The smoke has appeared as early as late December or as late as mid-February. On this particular morning, the combination of very cold air and relatively warm water allowed smoke to appear inside Marblehead Harbor. I had only seen this once before [...]

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Childrens Island in the Smoke

Today's foggy start reminded me of the sea smoke that enveloped Marblehead Harbor a few months ago.  On December 29th, I headed down to Front Street and captured images of sea smoke in truly arctic conditions. After exploring the lighthouse and capturing images of the Eastern and Corinthian, I turned my camera towards Childrens Island to find it surrounded by smoke.

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Into the Smoke

This image of a lobster boat heading into the smoke of an arctic morning seemed a perfect way to end the week. I had gone out on December 29th to capture sea smoke in the coldest conditions I had ever experienced. Before I had a chance to set up the tripod, I spotted this lobster boat making its way out of the harbor. I quickly composed this shot seconds before the boat disappeared into the sea smoke.

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