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Childrens Island in the Smoke

Today's foggy start reminded me of the sea smoke that enveloped Marblehead Harbor a few months ago.  On December 29th, I headed down to Front Street and captured images of sea smoke in truly arctic conditions. After exploring the lighthouse and capturing images of the Eastern and Corinthian, I turned my camera towards Childrens Island to find it surrounded by smoke.

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Into the Smoke

This image of a lobster boat heading into the smoke of an arctic morning seemed a perfect way to end the week. I had gone out on December 29th to capture sea smoke in the coldest conditions I had ever experienced. Before I had a chance to set up the tripod, I spotted this lobster boat making its way out of the harbor. I quickly composed this shot seconds before the boat disappeared into the sea smoke.

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Beacon in the Smoke

With temperatures stuck below freezing and another sunrise at single digits, I couldn't pass up the chance to try out my new camera and lens.  I had just received the Sony 100-400mm lens in the mail the night before and had been hoping for continued cold to shoot more scenes of sea smoke in Marblehead Harbor. When I woke and looked out at the cloud cover, I knew the conditions were right for an amazing dawn but also had to get ready for work.  I watched the light explode this morning while getting ready but was able to finish in [...]

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Harbormaster in the Smoke

One more new photo before the end of the year... I couldn't help but head out this morning to capture the harbor in arctic conditions.  As I drove toward State Street, I watched the thermometer on my dashboard until it settled at 1F (not counting any wind chill).  I parked at the Landing and headed out to find sea smoke throughout the harbor.  It wasn't at the incredible levels I had last seen in February 2016 but any sea smoke is worth the drive and braving the elements. I shot toward the lighthouse before spotting the sun rising directly over [...]

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Rime Ice at the Corinthian

Last Valentine's Day was the coldest of the entire Winter and resulted in incredible sea smoke conditions within Marblehead Harbor.  I captured numerous scenes that morning and ended up at the Corinthian just before 8am where I found rime ice had formed over the rocks near the base of the yacht club. I composed this image to include the rime ice in the foreground, sea smoke over the water (which had turned into confluent fog at that point) and Abbot Hall in the distance.  Thankfully, this Valentine's Day was much warmer than the one in 2016.

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A Very Marblehead Christmas

Taking a quick break from my top 10 of 2016 countdown to wish everyone a very merry Marblehead Christmas (and happy Hanukkah which starts tonight as well).  On the morning of December 16, the air temperature was 2F and I had gone out to chase sea smoke.  I had a spot at Fort Sewall picked out as a backup option but first drove by a few spots to see if they offered better vantage points. As I drove along Beacon Street and glanced across Grace Oliver Beach and Dolliber Cove, I spotted a picture perfect Christmas Tree at the end [...]

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Top 10 of 2016 – #7 – Smoke on the Water – Fire in the Sky

I don't think I've ever had a situation like this one where one of the last images captured in December immediately cements a place in the Top 10 list.  I had another image of sea smoke in this #7 spot but the combination of sea smoke, a sun star (formed by the break in clouds partially obscuring the morning sun) and that red glow behind Marblehead Light made this one an instant favorite.  #7 on the Top 10 of 2016 is this image of smoke on the water and fire in the sky captured on December 16.

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Top 10 of 2016 – #10 – Tendrils of Sea Smoke at Sunrise

As we near the end of the year, I wanted to share my top 10 images of 2016 leading up to the annual New Years Day slideshow recapping every image shared on Wednesdays in Marblehead (253 images this year).  This image of tendrils of sea smoke was taken on Valentine's Day and was the most impressive display of sea smoke I had even witnessed.  The angle of the morning sun added much needed backlight to the smoke and created an other-worldly display making this an easy favorite for #10 on the Top 10 of 2016 list.

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Smoke on the Water – Fire in the Sky

This morning, air temperatures of 2F and water temperatures of 50F held the promise of sea smoke to make up for the otherwise miserable cold.  Any chance to see, let alone photograph, smoke on the water will get me out of the house and so, bundled in layers, I headed out.  I drove around trying to find the perfect spot and made my way just before dawn to Fort Sewall.  I was perched there braced against the wind gusts hoping for good light when I started to see breaks forming in the clouds. Sure enough, as the sun rose behind [...]

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Sea Smoke at Sunrise

I was going through images in my 'to be posted' folder to share this week and passed by the series of sea smoke shots captured on a freezing Valentine's Day.  It's hard to believe that this was the scene at sunrise in Marblehead Harbor only 6 weeks ago with temperatures well below zero (even before taking into account the wind chill). I've shared a few images of the sea smoke rising from the ocean but still have many more to show.  As the light changed and the smoke danced across the water, the compositions seemed to be endless.

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