So I’ve decided that this Spring is either very late or a complete dud at this point as there has been very little in the way of flowering trees to capture as of May 2nd.  As a very gloomy Monday came to a close, I looked into my archive and found this image captured on May 1, 2011 at a house across the street from Abbot Hall.  I was first drawn to this spot by the cherry blossom lit in morning light but then decided to compose the image to include the house sign with its golden cod.

The sign reads: Site of house Nickolas Tucker Jr 1717 built for George Washington Shepard 1850.  I searched both names but found only single lines about the birth of each and nothing else.  The dates have me confused as well as it seems the house being built for someone should predate the site.  Or does it mean there was a house there previously and the current one was built in 1850?