Stars and Stripes on State Street

I headed out tonight to drop off my daughter at Crocker Park and was thankful I had thought to bring my camera (just in case). I took several photos of the sunset from Crocker before making my way to the car. Before I got in, I decided to glance up State Street and was thrilled to see #24 State with a huge American flag draped on its siding. The Stars and Stripes were perfectly lit by the lamp post and the hint of sunset color in the night sky made for a classic Fourth of July scene.

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Walking in Marblehead

On Thursday, August 3rd, I rushed back to Marblehead from my office to take part in my very first Marblehead Walking Tour with Bette Hunt.  Though I have lived in Marblehead since 2008 and have met Bette Hunt on a few occasions, the timing of her walking tours never quite matched up with my schedule.  As this was the last one of the Summer season, I made it a point to get there on time. We started in front of the Jeremiah Lee mansion and then walked as a group down Hooper Street, through Crocker Park and along Front Street. [...]

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The Golden Cod and the Cherry Blossom

So I've decided that this Spring is either very late or a complete dud at this point as there has been very little in the way of flowering trees to capture as of May 2nd.  As a very gloomy Monday came to a close, I looked into my archive and found this image captured on May 1, 2011 at a house across the street from Abbot Hall.  I was first drawn to this spot by the cherry blossom lit in morning light but then decided to compose the image to include the house sign with its golden cod. The sign [...]

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Sun Circle Sunset

I've visited the sun circle at Preston Beach countless times and have tried to find interesting compositions to showcase its design.  After shooting the brilliant sunset at Preston on July 23rd, I headed back to the car but stopped short as I walked up the path and came up to the sun circle.  I noted the still peaking sunset colors perfectly positioned for a different vantage point than prior attempts and set up for the shot. I decided on a vertical orientation in order to fit the full height of the sun circle columns while including as much of the [...]

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Pink Clouds and Purple Haze – Corker of a Marblehead Sunset

Marblehead, you never cease to amaze me.  It has been almost 6 years since I started this Wednesdays in Marblehead project and I still find myself going out to chase a sunset in the hopes of capturing some good light and then, once in a while, something like this develops and it's all I can do to take a breath and try to do some justice to the beauty in front of my eyes. On Friday night, I headed out the door after work as clouds developed and then broke apart near where the sun was due to set.  I [...]

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The Bowen House on a Spring Morning

The Nathan Bowen house was built by William Waters in 1695 and is one of fifteen homes in Marblehead built before 1700.  The house located on 1 Mugford Street has also been tied to H.P. Lovecraft and is believed to be the home mentioned in his short story 'The Festival'. I had noted that the house featured a beautiful flowering tree but had never managed to capture it in full bloom.  On the morning of May 6 (and during the last of my three attempts to capture the scene of Abbot Hall and a flowering tree on Washington Street), I [...]

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Blizzard of 2015 – The House at Lovis Cove

All week I'll be sharing photos captured after the Blizzard of 2015 departed Marblehead having left an official total of 24.5" of snow.  Thankfully the cold temperatures resulted in very light snow and very few power outages.  However, the light snow and strong winds led to incredible drifts (I measured a 48" one in our backyard). One of my first stops on Wednesday morning after the storm departed was Lovis Cove to see how this brown house had fared.  I've captured images of the brown house at Lovis Cove at the peak of storms in the past (see below) and [...]

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Happy Halloween from Wednesdays in Marblehead

I have been searching for a house to properly convey the feel of a Marblehead Halloween for what seems like years and had little success until a turn down Birch Street and a look in my rearview mirror was rewarded with this view.  I'm not sure who lives in this house on the corners of Birch Street and Oak Street but the house strikes a perfect balance between daytime enjoyment and evening scares. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

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From the Rooftops – Over the Causeway and Through the Woods

On Wednesday, June 17, I was invited to a home with a widow's walk located on Marblehead Neck.  I was thrilled for the opportunity to reignite the dormant 'From the Rooftops' series that typically appears on Thursday.  Since my last outing at the Jeremiah Lee Mansion, the opportunities seemed to have dried up. I drove over the causeway and marveled at the clouds forming on what would end up being a near-90 degree day.  I was welcomed into the home and we made our way to the rooftop widow's walk. The view was incredible and the breeze refreshing (did I [...]

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