Yesterday afternoon offered picture perfect conditions for aerial imagery of Marblehead Neck and I was fortunate to have taken the day off from work to capture the views.  I watched as the clouds filled in and then broke apart in the early morning hours and left the house a little after 11:00am to explore the possible images.

I stopped at Desmoulin Lane at first and flew off shore but quickly decided that the clouds favored compositions from Castle Rock.  I drove there and flew again to find this incredible view of Marblehead Neck laid out before me.

I doubt that a small screen will do this image any justice as the photo you see is a panorama made up of two rows of 14 images.  The end result would look amazing as an 8 foot by 2 foot print on a wall rather than on a 4″ screen.  As it is, I had to crop out Childrens Island from the image you see today as the full size would not have translated at all.

Hopefully, the feeling of flying a few hundred feet over Marblehead Neck on a perfect Summer day comes across in this image regardless of the screen you view it on.