Castle Rock

Flying above Castle Rock

Finishing off the week with this bird's eye view of Castle Rock. I had my drone up for an engagement shoot and was trying out different angles when I found this interesting composition. The harsh lines of the granite leading to white surf and green-blue waters made for an interesting image and a new view of Castle Rock.

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Flying by Castle Rock

I received an email a few weeks ago asking me if I might be able to secretly capture a proposal at Castle Rock. I immediately explained that wasn't something I had done previously and wasn't sure I was the best fit but was convinced otherwise. As luck would have it, the weather was perfect and I set up early to explore angles and options. It was my first time flying the drone in months and I don't think I had flown it over Castle Rock in at least a year (or two). I couldn't resist a few landscape shots before [...]

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Summer Days at Castle Rock

Before the storm came through on Sunday night, I had gone out on a hot and humid summer day to capture views of Marblehead with cumulus clouds overhead. I realized a few weeks ago that I had been favoring sunset shots at the expense of the bright scenes of mid-day. So at 2pm on a 99 degree day, I headed out to capture views of summer days in Marblehead. Castle Rock was a later stop and I found it far more full than this image would have you believe. There were plenty of people down on the beach (only present [...]

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Step to the Rainbow

We have had a few storms pass through Marblehead thus far but none have been times right for me to capture a proper rainbow. With that in mind, I turned to my 'to be published' folder and found this image capture in August 2020 after a storm passed through just before sunset. I had shared the horizontal or landscape version of this shot that night but left this vertical one for a bit. I realized it needed a tighter crop than what I had originally envisioned and that brought the scene together nicely.

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Cloud Show at Castle Rock

I mentioned in Sunday night's post of that crazy sunset behind Abbot that my first stop had been Castle Rock. I had arrived just as a rain cloud passed offshore and had hoped for a rainbow but had to 'settle' for this really nice cloud show at Castle Rock instead. At 7:26pm, the sun was just low enough that a bit of golden glow can be seen in the middle of the cloud formation which reflected off the waters of the Atlantic below. I only stayed here for a few minutes before heading back to Foster Street but was excited [...]

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The Winter that Wasn’t

I hoped to have new landscapes or seascapes to share by now but, while I've had weekly photography outings in the past month and a half, they have been solely to capture my son and his teammates on the Marblehead Magician's freshman football team. Those moments have been a lot of fun to capture but I've been looking for opportunities to shoot new scenes of this town as well. I'm hoping to capture some blossoms as early as this Wednesday so stay tuned... In the meantime, here is one of my few new images from the winter that wasn't normal [...]

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High Tide Mark at Castle Rock

On the last day of January, I drove across the causeway hoping for a nice sunset. As I drove I noticed icicles along the causeway and then a surprising amount of ice present on both sides of the Neck.  I continued onto Castle Rock and got out to find an impressive amount of ice along the rock face above the high tide mark.  I took a few photos from the grassy area and then made my way (carefully) down to the beach below. The sunset wasn't bringing the light I had hoped so I focused instead on the beach and [...]

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Top 10 of 2020 – #5 – Rainbow Sky over Castle Rock

I don't think this has ever happened before but there are three images in my top 10 all captured on the same day (though two outings). It's probably a testament to the fewer times I went out this year but also goes to show just how much the light can change in the span of a few hours. This is the second shot from August 19th (the first was #10 of boats in the harbor) and the third will be tomorrow's image (though I kept switching the positions of these and had a hard time deciding which I liked more). [...]

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Rainbow Sky over Castle Rock

What a night! I went out initially at 4:15pm after a storm passed south of Marblehead and came away with only one favorite. When I spotted another storm on the radar, I hesitated and debated if it was worth heading out once more and am very glad I did. I started off at Riverhead and along the causeway where I found a very dramatic and dark sky over Marblehead Harbor. I shot toward the harbor, across the causeway and towards Tinkers before the rain caught up with me and I had to hunker in the car. A quick check of [...]

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White Lines at Castle Rock

Here we go again - this time all the way back to September 8, 2012 for this image of receding waves forming white lines along the shores of Castle Rock. As was the case on Monday and Tuesday, I have never been happy with this image - the white lines were never prominent as the focal point and the surf bathed in sunlight was too bright and stole focus. Again, I hit the 'reset' button and started over with end result finally matching what I had hoped. The white lines are my favorite part of the shot but the golden [...]

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