Castle Rock

Castle Rock Fly By

Last Wednesday, I headed out a little before 5pm to chase lightning storms offshore. There were two storms to our north and south at the time and I had decided to start at Castle Rock in the hopes of capturing a bolt of lightning. I spotted a few flashes of light as I walked to the large granite formation and set up only to find the storm rapidly disappearing.  In its wake, I was left with an even more interesting scene with a dramatic sky overhead serving as a nice counter to the calm water of the Atlantic ocean. I [...]

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Crazy Light at Castle Rock

Did anyone look out their window tonight and the absolutely crazy light in the sky??? I spotted something other than drab grey skies from my home office window and quickly ran out with gear in hand. I ended up on Harvard Street where I captured a few nice images of the sunset and an interesting formation of light and clouds. As that light petered out, I turned towards the car and saw this crazy bright pink-purple sky overhead. I made a beeline for Castle Rock and arrived just in time to capture this image. I did not play with colors [...]

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Time Passes at Castle Rock

Tomorrow marks the 8 year anniversary of Wednesdays in Marblehead and I thought I would look in the 'to be posted' folder for the oldest image waiting to see the light of day. This shot was captured on June 11, 2008 (just over one month after we moved to Marblehead). I spent two years exploring Marblehead with my camera before deciding to start a blog and share these images with the world. Every year I look back and reflect on the journey that these images and this town have carried me on.  More to come tomorrow...

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Above the Waves at Castle Rock

If you read yesterday's caption to go along with the image of Castle Rock (captured back in February 2017), it wouldn't surprise you that I made a beeline for this place when clouds formed a little after 1pm. I hadn't shot a single frame at Castle Rock and had only just came to that realization. At the same time, I had been rethinking my approach to aerial images. With that in mind, I arrived at Castle Rock only to find the clouds less impressive than I had hoped. I had brought my camera as well as the drone but opted [...]

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Remembering Castle Rock

As I was looking for a photo to share today, I found this one of Castle Rock captured on a foggy morning in February 2017. That prompted me to check when I last captured an image of these granite shores and pebble beach only to realize I have not shot a single frame at Castle Rock in over a year. It amazes me that in a 4.4 square mile town, I could go a year without shooting this beautiful location and not even realize it. I like to think that it speaks to the beauty to be found in Marblehead [...]

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Lightning and a Pink Sky

Last night's lightning storm was intense and too rainy for capturing photos of the bolts. It did put me in mind of this image from August 2015 and a storm I watch cross over Marblehead and retreat to the Atlantic. I had chased the storm to Castle Rock and shot frame after frame hoping to catch a bolt of lightning. I lucked out with this image taken as sunset formed a pink sky to complement the strike across the frame.

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Castle Rock at the End of the Rainbow

I have more fireworks and harbor illumination images to share but I thought this was a perfect shot to end the week with.  On June 27, Marblehead was hit by two lightning storms and as, one passed and another approached, the sky cleared to allow sunlight and the inevitable rainbow. I was parked at Chandler Hovey Park and was fixated on flying my drone to catch a rainbow.  As the drone cannot be flown in wet conditions, I was waiting for the drizzle to stop and didn't think of using the real camera beside me until my wife texted me [...]

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Castle Rock on Marblehead Neck

This image of Castle Rock on Marblehead Neck was captured on Wednesday, June 20th shortly after I shot the wider panorama encompassing the whole of the Neck.  While the panorama afforded a birds eye view of the Neck and harbor beyond, I really like this close up of Castle Rock for its unique view of the rocky outcropping. For all the times I have shot from atop the rock or used it in a composition, this view of the rock itself has eluded me.  With the clouds above and boats beyond, Castle Rock's central location along the Neck is accentuated [...]

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Castle under the Clouds on Marblehead neck

Yesterday afternoon offered picture perfect conditions for aerial imagery of Marblehead Neck and I was fortunate to have taken the day off from work to capture the views.  I watched as the clouds filled in and then broke apart in the early morning hours and left the house a little after 11:00am to explore the possible images. I stopped at Desmoulin Lane at first and flew off shore but quickly decided that the clouds favored compositions from Castle Rock.  I drove there and flew again to find this incredible view of Marblehead Neck laid out before me. I doubt that [...]

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