While the Marblehead fireworks display is an impressive show (and this year’s seemed especially awesome), I’m a much bigger fan of the harbor illumination that immediately precedes it.  One of the reasons I decided to shoot from the Pleon this year was its multiple vantage points for capturing the red flares encircling and illuminating Marblehead harbor.

As the flares began to glow at 8:45pm, I shot toward Abbot Hall and then worked my way around.  Before long, there appeared a nearly endless display of glowing flares around the Eastern Yacht Club.  With the flares along the pier in the foreground, around the perimeter of the pool and going down the Eastern’s own pier, the harbor illumination display was truly epic.  I composed this image to include as much as the glow as possible with the Eastern Yacht Club glowing with its own lights just beyond the fires.

Though not unique to our town, the harbor illumination is a great Marblehead tradition and beautiful to behold in person.