Eastern Yacht Club

Thank You Eastern Yacht Club!

I gave my first ever photography talk last night at the Eastern Yacht Club and could not have asked for a better venue, crowd or hosts. Everyone at the Eastern made me feel welcome and it was awesome to hear ooh's and aah's spread through the room as people responded to my photographs of Marblehead. Thank you especially to the Callahans for the invitation and to Twig Burke for arranging a wonderful evening as well as sharing all of his knowledge of this town with us. My wife and I had a great night at the club. Last night I [...]

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Blue Hour in Mid-Harbor

On September 2nd, I chased some promising clouds out to Ferry Lane but the promised lightning show never materialized. Instead, I decided to find some interesting compositions in the blue hour shortly after sunset. I took advantage of the clouds and still conditions to capture this view at mid-harbor of boats filling every mooring and the Eastern Yacht Club shining across the water.

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Smoke in the Harbor – Eastern Yacht Club

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had gone out on an arctic morning near the end of December 2017 to capture sea smoke and was surprised to find it rising off the waters inside Marblehead Harbor. Usually the phenomenon is better seen in the open water near Chandler Hovey aided by backlighting of the morning sun. Here is the view of the Eastern Yacht Club from my spot along Front Street.

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Guardians of the Eastern

Not long after capturing Glover's Regiment on the stage at the State Street Landing, I watched them load up into this boat and reenact the crossing of the Delaware. I shot frame after frame as they crossed in front of Marblehead Light and then watched them pause in front of the Eastern Yacht Club. As I watched through the viewfinder, I spotted one member of the regiment approach the bow and captured this image as he fired a shot back toward shore. It looked as though Glover's Regiment were the guardians of the Eastern - ready to take on all [...]

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Taking the Launch from the Eastern Yacht Club

On June 30th, I had gone out to shoot both the sunrise and sunset. For the latter, I had decided on the pier at the Pleon Yacht Club and kept looking in front of me (towards Abbot Hall) and behind me (at the Eastern Yacht Club) as the sun dipped lower in the sky. At this point, the sun was casting a perfect golden glow over the EYC and I captured this frame just as a small group was taking the launch out to their boat moored in the harbor.

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Top 10 of 2017 – #3 Lighting up the Eastern Yacht Club

While the annual Marblehead Fireworks show is a perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of July, the Harbor Illumination that precedes it is a unique Marblehead tradition that has become my favorite part of the night.  Knowing that I would be shooting from the Pleon Yacht Club this year, I told note of the location of the flares set up by the boy scouts and had this composition in mind when the flares were lit.  The resulting scene with red flares and a blue sky with perfect reflections in the water of the harbor made for my third favorite image [...]

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Lighting up the Eastern Yacht Club during the Harbor Illumination

While the Marblehead fireworks display is an impressive show (and this year's seemed especially awesome), I'm a much bigger fan of the harbor illumination that immediately precedes it.  One of the reasons I decided to shoot from the Pleon this year was its multiple vantage points for capturing the red flares encircling and illuminating Marblehead harbor. As the flares began to glow at 8:45pm, I shot toward Abbot Hall and then worked my way around.  Before long, there appeared a nearly endless display of glowing flares around the Eastern Yacht Club.  With the flares along the pier in the foreground, [...]

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Framed by the Pier House

This weekend, frostbite sailing took place in Marblehead harbor under Spring-like conditions and I couldn't pass up the chance to capture images of the sailboats maneuvering inside of the harbor.  In between closeups of the boats against familiar backdrops and shots taken by drone, I spotted sailboats passing through the open door of the Eastern Yacht Club pier house. I quickly recomposed my shot to include the whole of the EYC pier house just as a sailboat passed through the door opening.  The sun poked out from behind the clouds for a brief moment to add a warm glow to [...]

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Sailing Past the Eastern Yacht Club

Another image from October 15 and one that came as I waited for the full moon to rise over Marblehead harbor.  I had set up at Crocker Park and used a borrowed lens with an incredible 400mm of zoom to explore the familiar harbor.  I spotted this sailboat coming into the mouth of the harbor and captured a few images of it as its sails reflected the light of the evening sun.  Finally, I caught the boat in perfect light while sailing past the Eastern Yacht Club. The appearance of the two sails and masts intrigued me - does anyone [...]

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Ready to Fire at the Eastern Yacht Club

Today's image seemed a fitting way to end the week and comes from a mid-May photoshoot that ended at the Eastern Yacht Club.  I had gone out on this evening chasing the clouds you see but was disappointed as they solidified before sunset blocking any light from adding color to the sunset sky.  With a few minutes to spare, I raced over to the EYC and captured this image of its cannon ready to fire under a darkening sky. Enjoy the weekend and the coming warm weather.  Summer has definitely arrived in Marblehead!

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