Eastern Yacht Club

Showing Off the Town

My parents were visiting this weekend and, on Saturday, we jumped in the car with my daughter and headed out looking for something to shoot. We drove to Devereux Beach and struggled with the decision of which direction might bring a better show - west toward the setting sun or east where some clouds promised to reflect the golden light. We ended up driving across the causeway and onto the Neck then to Foster Street and a quick walk to the end of the pier at the Pleon. As it turned out, the light was far better towards the east [...]

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Harbor Lights

On Thursday, August 11th, I headed out to Crocker Park to capture the last supermoon of the year. I had plotted out the sturgeon moon's rise just to the left of the Eastern Yacht Club from this spot and decided to shoot from the benches on the small hill at the park to gain a bit of extra elevation and help separate the boats in the harbor.  This was a tough shot to get and required a wide open aperture to capture enough light for the final image. As it turned out, I am currently working on my 2023 Marblehead [...]

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Summer Days on the Harbor

Another image from my chase of cumulus clouds on a 99 degree summer day on the harbor. I had left Castle Rock and headed to Chandler Hovey before circulating back down to Foster Street. From here I knew I could capture a number of compositions looking across the harbor toward Abbot Hall but also towards the mouth of the harbor. When I spotted the launch for the Eastern Yacht Club idling, I knew I would start with this shot angling to get the Corinthian Yacht Club and Marblehead Light in the background.  The otherwise full harbor and great clouds overhead [...]

Ready to Launch

So 12 minutes after Monday's image of that golden sunset light, the sky had transformed into a pastel pink hue that was strongest in the opposite direction. I was standing on the float at the end of the Pleon Yacht Club from where I had a perfect angle on these two launch boats belonging to the Eastern. The boats were awaiting some members who were just out of the frame at this point and seemingly headed out to their boat to enjoy the light and warm temperatures on this summer evening.

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Eastern Moon

The strawberry supermoon will technically be full tomorrow morning but the timing of its rise relative to sunset favored shooting the 99% full moon tonight rather than tomorrow. With that in mind, I headed out to scout out locations starting off at the Little Harbor Lobster Company before deciding on Crocker Park.  I had figured the moon would rise over the Eastern Yacht Club from this spot but, when it finally broke over the clouds just at sunset, it was too far to the right. I quickly packed up and walked briskly down to Ferry Lane. I spotted the moon [...]

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Ready to Launch

It's amazing how many compositions can be captured from the end of the pier at the Pleon Yacht Club. I shared one looking across the harbor towards Abbot Hall and the BYC last week. As I turned, I spotted this view of the launch for Eastern Yacht Club. As the wind picked up, the flags flew and picked up the light of the sun breaking through the clouds. In the distance you can see Marblehead Light peeking out from behind the Corinthian. I'm sure the harbor will be seeing lots of boats entering in the next few weeks and these [...]

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Bluebird Day at the Eastern Yacht Club

I've shared a few images from last Wednesdays outings at mid-day and sunset to capture views from along the neck. I was mostly shooting towards Abbot and the harbor on this day as all the clouds had collected in that section of sky and I found the section overhead to be a fairly boring blue. However, when I made my way out to the pier at the Pleon and looked back at the Eastern Yacht Club, I found the appearance of a nearly bluebird day (normally marked by the absence of any clouds) worked really well with the deep blue [...]

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Aglow at the Eastern

Another image from Sunday night in which I was able to include that great cloud formation. I had made my way from Castle Rock to Foster Street and found a perfect spot for capturing the sunset behind Abbot Hall. As the sun dipped lower and began to emit a red-orange light, I turned and found the Eastern aglow. By moving around a bit, I was able to line up the cloud behind the Eastern Yacht Club as well as its golden reflection in the waters of the harbor. This was a 5-shot horizontal panorama that stretched from the lighthouse to [...]

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Thank You Eastern Yacht Club!

I gave my first ever photography talk last night at the Eastern Yacht Club and could not have asked for a better venue, crowd or hosts. Everyone at the Eastern made me feel welcome and it was awesome to hear ooh's and aah's spread through the room as people responded to my photographs of Marblehead. Thank you especially to the Callahans for the invitation and to Twig Burke for arranging a wonderful evening as well as sharing all of his knowledge of this town with us. My wife and I had a great night at the club. Last night I [...]

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Blue Hour in Mid-Harbor

On September 2nd, I chased some promising clouds out to Ferry Lane but the promised lightning show never materialized. Instead, I decided to find some interesting compositions in the blue hour shortly after sunset. I took advantage of the clouds and still conditions to capture this view at mid-harbor of boats filling every mooring and the Eastern Yacht Club shining across the water.

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