Here it is – the last new image I will share in 2017.  Next week, I plan on doing my top 10 of 2017 countdown culminating with the annual New Years Day slideshow looking back at all 169 images of Marblehead that I’ve shared in the past year.

Today’s image was one of the last I took on Sunday morning as I went from one area in town to another capturing images after the first snowfall of the season.  There’s something magical about that first snow and this year’s was no exception with sticky snow and little wind leading to perfectly covered tree branches (but thankfully late enough that there were no downed branches/trees).

The contrast of a blanket of snow encircling Old Town House with the wet black asphalt surrounding was too pretty to pass up and I captured this image only a minute before turning toward State Street.

Hope you have enjoyed all of the images of Marblehead shared in the past year.  Stay tuned for the countdown and look back.