That was an incredible storm with the power to uproot enormous trees and cause major infrastructure issues with lost power and damage along the coast. In the aftermath of the storm, there was beauty to be found in the raw power of the ocean and I set out before the noon high tide to capture scenes around Marblehead.

I began the day shooting waves exploding behind and above the lamp posts along the causeway then made my way to Hammond Park, the Landing, Front Street before exploring Greystone and finally Surf Street. By the time I returned home, I had taken over 1,500 photos – trying to capture the peak of crashing waves as the light rapidly shifted.  In the end, I had 133 great shots and chose 16 which exemplified the power and beauty of this storm.

The hardest part was deciding which photo to start with but this one won out. Front Street has been severely damaged with parts of the road broken, the stairs leading to Fort Beach partly destroyed and the guardrail essentially gone. Amidst that destruction, these crashing waves framing Marblehead Light in picture perfect light seemed to showcase the beauty to be found today amidst all the destruction.

More to come…

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