Remembering Castle Rock

As I was looking for a photo to share today, I found this one of Castle Rock captured on a foggy morning in February 2017. That prompted me to check when I last captured an image of these granite shores and pebble beach only to realize I have not shot a single frame at Castle Rock in over a year. It amazes me that in a 4.4 square mile town, I could go a year without shooting this beautiful location and not even realize it. I like to think that it speaks to the beauty to be found in Marblehead [...]

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Shelter from the Storm

My first stop on Saturday was Devereux Beach and, even at two hours before high tide, Ocean Avenue leading to the causeway was beginning to fill with ocean water from spillover. I parked on Beach Street instead and walked carefully across to the Riverhead side and onto one of the floats.  From there I waited for breaks in the light rain and used my longest lens to shoot the shelter at Devereux Beach. The shelter served as a perfect subject to frame the power of the ocean and oncoming waves. I watched as the waves barreled up the incline of [...]

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Dancing Waves at Flirtation Rock

After exploring the causeway, Front street and the Landing, I made my way to a favorite spot on Surf Street looking down at the small cove bordered by Flirtation Rock and Bass Rock. This is a great vantage point for watching waves crashing against the sea wall and I took plenty of shots of that. However, as I watched one wave recede from the wall and meet another oncoming wave, the sheer power of the two met in the middle to create explosions of water. The small cove seemed to come to life with these dancing waves that reached incredible [...]

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Taking the Measure of a Storm

With every significant Nor'Easter, one can count on a group to gather along Cliff Street near Red Steps to watch the waves explode along the causeway. Based on the height of the crash relative to the lamp posts, one can get a good measure of a storm and it's power.  This is a popular stop and I wasn't alone here at high tide on the Saturday after the storm.  I didn't even have the longest lens of the group ;-) Nevertheless, I watched the waves and chose my compositions while waiting for the breaks in clouds that would offer some [...]

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The 12:30 Show at the Barnacle

You can always count on a good show at the Barnacle with every Nor'Easter that comes through town and yesterday's showing was no different. The restaurant was full for this well timed 12:30 show and I joined the others gathered to watch the beauty of the ocean's waves crashing against the restaurant. This wasn't the highest waves I've seen from this spot but the clearing skies made for some great light on those awesome waves.

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Oceanside at Front Street

That was an incredible storm with the power to uproot enormous trees and cause major infrastructure issues with lost power and damage along the coast. In the aftermath of the storm, there was beauty to be found in the raw power of the ocean and I set out before the noon high tide to capture scenes around Marblehead. I began the day shooting waves exploding behind and above the lamp posts along the causeway then made my way to Hammond Park, the Landing, Front Street before exploring Greystone and finally Surf Street. By the time I returned home, I had [...]

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Pink Sky over Purple Waves at Devereux Beach

Today's image comes from the incredible dawn that took place on October 29 before the storm (literally) blew through town.  I had started off with a tight crop of the ocean waves and wet sand reflecting the building colors in the sky.  As the dawn reached its peak, it created a pink sky over purple waves washing ashore at Devereux Beach.  After capturing this image, I began to zoom out and captured a much wider view as the entire sky took on pink hues (I shared that one as soon as I got home). I'm curious which you prefer - [...]

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Coming Ashore in the Fog – Waves at Castle Rock

Years ago, I was thrilled to be interviewed by the Marblehead Reporter about my photography and was pleasantly surprised at the headline calling me a Fog-tographer.  I had expressed my love of foggy conditions and, with the quality of light in this image, it really is no wonder that many of my favorite images were captured in the fog. This is another image from the morning of February 25th and was taken near the end of my journey from Little Harbor to Castle Rock.  The fog was picture perfect at this point and created a painterly light that washed over [...]

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Ocean Meets the Barnacle

As a Nor'Easter pounds the coast, I am reminded of this image captured in March 2013 during another storm that hit Marblehead.  I ventured out to Lovis Cove at high tide hoping to capture the results from when the ocean meets the Barnacle.  Sure enough, waves crashed against the building sending the surf high up in the air.  I'll be heading out at high tide this morning to see if I can capture new images of the angry ocean.

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Churning Waves and the Lifeguard Chair

As a storm makes its way up the East coast, I'm reminded of this view of churning waves and the lifeguard chair from early September.  The storm that threatened us then led only to some incredible waves and awesome surfing scenes amidst picture perfect weather.  Here's hoping that Florida receives nothing more than a glancing blow and that we see some more wave action headed our way.

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